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SendPulse Review: Email Marketing Has Never Been This Easy

Your email list is one of the most important assets of your business.

So it make sense to build an engaging email list and nurture the existing subscribers.

But do you know that, more than 75% of your list do not even open your mails?

The email marketing software industry is vastly crowded with many service providers and SendPulse is the new entry in this space.

So what is it that makes this service so different from others in the market?

For those who are recently starting, SendPulse is an integrated platform that allows you to engage with your audience with bulk emails, bulk SMS messages and free web push notifications .

sendpulse review

You can choose to opt for any of these functions or go for all of these to engage your email list.

It uses artificial intelligence and is designed to increase email open rates by more than 30%.

It was among the 3 finalists of The Next Web SCALE of 2016 and was recognised as one of the best startups of 2016 by The Next Web.

Here’s a detailed review of one of the fastest growing ESPs in the market.

How to Set Up Your Account with SendPulse

You can sign up for SendPulse’s free plan and get started immediately by creating a username and password for your account.

Enter your email and phone number to register for an account.

Once that is done, a 6-digit confirmation code is sent to your email which has to be entered for confirming your registration.

Next, you log into your SendPulse account where you will see the options as below:

  1. Import your list
  2. Create email message
  3. Check out your reports
  4. Build your audience

If you already have an email list elsewhere, you can import it to SendPulse using option 1.

However, if you want to start building a list from scratch, then you can click on option 4 and create a subscription form.

This subscription form needs to be embedded into your website, where you can start capturing leads.

How to Start an Email Campaign with SendPulse

Crafting an email campaign on SendPulse is as easy as it gets.

SendPulse offers both text-based and HTML email templates.

You get to choose from a variety of templates and layouts or you can design your own template with SendPulse’s HTML email Editor.

The drag and drop feature enables you to create your desired templates easier than ever. Here is a short tutorial on how to do the same.

If you use email automation to engage your email list, then you are going to love SendPulse’s  autoresponder feature. It allows you to create 3 types of autoresponders as:

  • A series of emails after user subscribes to your blog
  • Sending an automated email on (also before or after) the date set in a variable, for example, on recipient’s birthday
  • A triggered automated email which is sent after a certain condition is met, like subscriber opened an email, clicked a link, etc.

Create the first type of autoresponder is indeed easy. Just click on “Create an autoresponder” and fill in the email subject, select (or create) an email template and fill it with the text.

You can add triggers as you may want, like, after opening the first message, after the recipient clicks on the link. A trigger can be added even when the email was not opened.

Tracking Campaign Performance

The success of your email marketing campaign depends highly on tracking the performance on a regular basis.

You need to keep a constant check on your emails’ open rates, CTR and as well as the unsubscribe rate.

sendpulse reporting

SendPulse offers detailed analytics reports where you can see the following stats:

  • Open Rate and Click Rate
  • Click Chart
  • Geographic stats
  • Statistics by device
  • Error statistics

They also allow you to leverage ‘send email to unreads’ feature through its analytics dashboard. The company believes this feature can easily result in increase in the open rate by 30-80%.

Customer Support: How is It?

SendPulse provides 24 hour phone and chat support to help you with any issues that you may have with the product.

In addition to that, SendPulse also provides the following resources to help users learn more about the product features:

  • A Knowledge Base page covering the basic information about all the features that SendPulse offers with their email service
  • An Email Marketing Glossary which can help the beginners to learn basic terminology of email marketing
  • An FAQ page on SendPulse services. You can get most of your questions answered here
  • A Video page with explainer/tutorial videos

Email Marketing Packages

The pricing plan is more or less similar to that of majority of the email marketing services. They have both list-based and pay-as-you-go plans.

But unlike most other ESPs, SendPulse offers a free plan which allows you to send 15000 emails to up to 2500 subscribers.

This is a great plan to get started.

Having said that, if your email list is larger than 2500 subscribers and you send an email campaign every day, then you will need to upgrade to one of their list-based plans (see below).

You can notice that the pricing of each plan is significantly lower than the ones offers by many of their competitors.

List-Based Plans

  • 2500 subscribers – $9.85/month
  • 3000 subscribers – $29/month
  • 4000 subscribers – $32/month
  • 5000 subscribers – $35/month
  • 10000 subscribers – $53/month
  • 25000 subscribers – $108/month

Pay-as-you-go Plans

If you don’t send too many emails, SendPulse’s prepaid email packages is a great option where you only need to pay for the emails you send.

  • 10000 emails – $32
  • 25000 emails – $70
  • 50000 emails– $125
  • 100000 emails– $212
  • 250000 emails – $440
  • 500000 emails– $812

Concluding the SendPulse Review

SendPulse is easy to setup, easy to use and is highly affordable.

If you are a small business owner or a new blogger looking to get started with email marketing with a minimum amount of fuss, SendPulse is surely a good choice.

You can sign up for the free plan and check if it serves your needs.

SendPulse Review: Email Marketing Has Never Been This Easy
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  • Hey Mandipa,
    Hope you are doing well. 🙂

    Thanks for reviewing on very useful software which is best for email marketing. Email marketing has never been easy without using any trustworthy software. So, everyone pays attention on good email marketing software works perfect

    Very sad to hear 75% of your email list don’t open mails. But SendPulse will surely help to increase the email opening stats.

    It’s really a matter of surprising SendPulse uses artificial intelligence. Also designed to increase the email opening rates we send. The best thing of using SendPulse is we can track the campaign performance. Best guide on video to create an effective newsletter, watching this video was very good to know how it works.

    Thanks for the useful information to use SendPulse.
    – Ravi

  • Thanks for the article, Manidipa. You covered most parts in this review but they are having a great bulk SMS service which can be combined with email marketing and you can actually collect customer mobile number and send them an message with latest happenings.

    I admit the SMS wont work with most niches. However I find it sending leads to Health and real estate niches. The good thing you can target any country mobile visitors from one place where the option is not avilable with most providers.

  • Hello
    Glad to read this nice post. Yes I agree with you that the e-mail is one of the most important assets of business. Amazed to know that more than 75% of our list do not even open.

    Sendpulse is really amazing and happy know to its features. In this post all the function of the Sendpulse are explained nicely.

    Thanks for with us sharing.
    Praveen verma


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