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10 Actionable SEO Copywriting Techniques to Rank Higher (& Faster)

Copywriting is all about getting the readers take action.

That action might be to opt-in, purchase or engage with a product, service or the company.

But if you want your content to top on google, simple copywriting is not going to work for you.

And that’s where SEO Copywriting comes to your rescue.

So if you want to rank better on the Search Engines, you must know about it.

seo copywriting techniques

In this article we’ll discuss about what SEO Copywriting is and some powerful SEO Copywriting techniques to rank your content higher.

What is SEO Copywriting?

Writing any content (web-posts, advertisements, emails, blog articles, etc.) is known as Copywriting .

And when you write or create content that is optimized for the search engines (Google, to a large extent) and easy to understand for your readers, it is SEO Copywriting.

These are the benefits of using it:

  • Alongside your users, search engines can also understand what your content is.
  • It can help you to rank better in SERP (Search Engine result page).
  • You can target keywords for which you want to rank
  • Get qualified traffic

So if you want these benefits, just grab the techniques of SEO Copywriting and see the boost in your ranking and traffic.

Now how to write SEO content for website?

Techniques of SEO Copywriting

Craft Magnetic Headlines 

A catchy, well-thought-out headline gets your article read and sets the mood for your content.

It’s also what makes an outstanding first impression.

interesting blog titles

And here are some tips to make your headline amazing.

Use Identifiers

Here are some examples:

  • Painstaking
  • Fun
  • Effortless
  • Essential
  • Incredible
  • Free
  • Strange
  • Absolute

Use Unique Reasons

If you’re going to be original or do a list post, consider using the following types of words:

  • Facts
  • Lessons
  • Principles
  • Secrets
  • Ideas
  • Ways
  • Tricks

Use Numbers & Question Words

If your content answers any question, try to use question words like-

  • What
  • How
  • When
  • Why

Because these type of words in a headline or subheads makes human mind curious to read your content.

On the other side numbers are also the great way to make a catchy headline. just add the number to your headlines to make it more attractive.

For example, (think which one is good):

  • Tips to make your skin glow.
  • 13 Tips to make your skin glow.

Note: Add numbers only if it goes well with your title, else use other given tips.

Importance of Subheadings 

A great headline can get your article read, but how do you get them to stay reading?

That’s why you should use interesting subheadings to make your articles ‘skimmable’ and guide readers through the content. This way readers will stay longer on your site.

And you should use subheading because it also helps in describing your content to the search engines.

So if you want the search engine benefits, use above given tips to make some interesting subheads for your content.

Content Quality Has a Big Effect

Content is one of the main 3 factors which Google uses to rank a page. So make sure your content is excellent & helpful for your readers.

How to Write Quality Content?

  • First of all, you must make your content compelling (more on this, in the next point)
  • Search your keyword on google and see what your competitors have written, and try to make your content better than them.
  • Research about your content and make it valuable as well as actionable, for your readers.
  • Make sure you have no grammar, spelling, punctuation error in your content.

Research Your Content Well

Simply use Wikipedia and your competitors content to get more info about your content so that you can make your content more valuable for your readers.

Make your Content Error Free

There are so many proofreading tools on the web.

But if you use English as your writing language, then Grammarly is one of the best proofreading tools for you in the market.

It simply analyses your texts and automatically identifies any kind of writing mistake like grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling and other style mistakes.

It also shows you the solutions that you need to take to rectify those mistakes.

You can easily understand how to use Grammarly with every aspect to make your writing work easier.

How to Make Your Content More Compelling

Many people think that SEO Copywriting is just putting keywords in the content, but from an SEO perspective, your content structure is just as important as the content itself.

And the best place to find proven content structures for your content is “Udemy.”

(If you don’t know what Udemy is, it’s a massive directory of online courses)

Use Udemy for Great Content Structure

First go to Udemy and search for your keyword.

(Suppose you are writing about Marketing, so search on Udemy for “Marketing”)

seo copywriting techniques content

Now Udemy will show you all of its Courses for that keyword.

So just select a course which has a very good rating and a lot of reviews.

After that scroll down and that’s where you’ll find the proven structure which you can use for your content to make it more compelling.

We have chosen a course for social media marketing here.

seo copywriting techniques content structure

Enhance Readability

Readability depends on how simple and clear your writing is for the readers. It’s one of google ranking factors so make sure you have a good readability score.

And if you want to pass this factor use these 5 tips to create a content with excellent readability.

  • Write about only one topic at a time.
  • Make your sentences short. Fewer the words in a sentence, the better your score.
  • Three sentences per paragraph is a good amount. Try to make few shorter and a few longer, but break up text often for excellent ease of reading.
  • Include conversation in your writing whenever possible. Because natural conversation tends to be short and straight. It also adds interest to an article.
  • Try to use simpler words,as much as possible. For example, use the word huge instead of gigantic.

Add LSI Keywords to Make Google Happy

After the new Google updates, keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore, instead it can harm your site.

But it uses Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), and these keywords help Google to understand what your content is all about.

(From SEO perspective, LSI keywords are keywords which are closely related to your main keyword. Tese keywords can also help you bring extra traffic to your content.

How to Find Profitable LSI Keywords?

Here are few methods to find LSI keywords.

Google Search

Go to google and search for your keyword, then scroll down to the bottom of Google search, there you will find, Search related to “your keyword”.

Here we have entered search engine optimization as our query.

find lsi keywords

All of these are LSI words for your targeted keyword, so just add them to your blog post.

Using Tools

If you want more and better LSI words, then you can use free tools like LSIGraph to find your LSI Keywords.

Go to and enter your targeted keywor. Within just 10 seconds it will show you a list of LSI keywords which you can use for your targeted keyword in your content.

After you get your LSI keyword simply sprinkle them and mix up in your content to make your content SEO optimized.

Find and Use Long Tail Keywords

Require a list of long tail keywords that your competitor doesn’t know about?

Then you must checkout Long Tail Pro.

Here’s how it all works:

Go to LongTailPro and enter a keyword into the tool.

Then it will search the internet to find questions and topics around your seed keyword.

how to use long tail pro

And after that, it will give you a great list of long tail keywords.

Value of Internal & External Linking

Internal link are links that go from one page to a different page on the same domain.

Four reasons why they are useful:

But how to do proper interlinking?

Its simple. If you have any content related to an article just add a link to it like I did in above point “interlinking helps to give better SEO results”.

Try to add 4 – 5 internal links per article to share the link juice and balance your whole site SEO.

Also, optimize your anchor texts while interlinking your articles.

On the other hand, external link are links that go from one page to a different page on other domain.

There is a lot of discussion in the SEO and marketing departments about whether or not to link out to other sites.

People are scared for some reasons; they worry that linking out will:

  • Damage their search engine rankings
  • Cost them PageRank
  • Create exit portals where users will drop off

But you know what, it doesn’t affect in that way instead the opposite is true.

Having few external links to authority sites gives a signal to search engines that your content quality is excellent.

So Wwenever you write a content try to add few external links to high authority sites.

Remember the Call-to-Action

A CTA (Call to action) is an image or line of text that inspires your users, leads, and customers to take action.

And that action could be anything: download a document, sign up for your email newsletter, get an offer, etc.

For example, a call to action can be placed in an email newsletter, on your website, or even at the end of a blog post.

Use these three CTA rules to gain more leads.

  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Copy That Makes People Want to Act
  • A Clear Value Proposition

Some Important Factors to Remember

These are the On Page SEO factors, but every SEO Copywriter should know these to make the content more valuable.

So, you have published a post, made it rank in the top 3 but still not getting the traffic? Then this is for you.

It’s actually continuation to the first point.

You just need to make minor changes in your title tag.

Add some power words in the title like: Amazing, Top 10, Powerful, Beginner’s Guide and see the increase in your traffic and ranking.

Wondering, how it can boost your ranking?

It’s simple, when more people will click on your link, your CTR (click through rate) will increase and Google will consider that user like this content more and hence will promote the content in SERP.

Conclusion: Being Perfect in SEO Copywriting Techniques

Being Perfect in SEO Copywriting takes some time.

So keep using it and one day you will achieve the perfection for sure.

Now it’s time to use these techniques on your next content to make it amazing.

Please feel free to share, if you use any other SEO copywriting technique to rank your content higher.

10 Actionable SEO Copywriting Techniques to Rank Higher (& Faster)
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  • Hello Manidipa,

    Very helpful tips over here 🙂

    Indeed Copywriting is something very serious task and making our content adjustable with the SEO could be one of the
    great tactics to get blast on our web site.

    Asking questions on our niche is always a great thing to do, it makes our audiences curious, that what their in our content
    and if we are able to hit the right road then there is a win win situation for us.

    Taking lessons from our competitors and adding those key points they missed out can really help us out, researching
    a lot means the more better content we would be able to generate.

    LSI keywords are of great help, but I have always struggled to get a better LSI keyword for my niche. Hope I am going to
    put your steps into finding it.

    Thanks for the share.


  • Hi Manidipa Bhaumik,

    Really great post on SEO Copywriting. Thanks for sharing.


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