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20 Link Building Ideas You Must Try to Rank on Google 1st Page

Have you adopted link building strategies for improving your website visibility?

But did you know, building links with low-quality sites can hurt your rankings?

As per Google Penguin update, companies who are using black-hat SEO to artificially increase the ranking of a webpage by manipulating the number of links pointing to high-ranked domains/pages are being penalized.

So how does the search engine use links?

Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO.

Search engines use the links to crawl and understand the importance and relevancy of your website.

The better quality links, especially from authoritative sources pointing to your website better the rankings you can earn.

To make it easy for you, I have come up with 20 link building ideas to dominate the search engines this year.

seo link building ideas

So, let’s begin.

1. Resource Pages

Resource pages are nothing but curated websites pages that you earn backlinks for your business from.

These links can relate your internal websites pages or even other website pages that are relevant and can justify the sites purpose for offering a link to your content.

How to Do Resource Page Link Building?

Internal page link building strategy: Simply interlink pages in a way that makes it easy for search engines to crawl links and get your pages listed in their indices.

For example, you link Page A to Page B and E, Google spider won’t consider the importance of Page C and D, no matter how important they are for your website.

The spider will have no way to reach them because no direct, crawable links point to those pages.

External page link building strategy: First of all, you need to find a resource page of your niche.

– Go to Google and type the following:

Keyword + inurl: “resources”

For example, using “digital marketing” as a keyword you will get multiple resources in your search results.

 resource page link building

– Click on each and select the ones that you would like to obtain a link from.

– Immediately check for the author name and mode of connecting with them to suggest your link to their sites.

Please note: You must ensure high-quality, valuable piece of content on your website page to perform this technique.

2. Infographic

This method is one of the oldest yet, effective for attracting links.

Apart from trying influencers outreach you can earn added link building opportunities by connecting with popular infographic directories that allows submission which can be free or even paid.

Click here to get a list of top infographic submission sites 2017.

3. Video Marketing

This method of link building strategy is not limited to YouTube.

In fact, other video-sharing platforms like Vimeo,, Fiverr and Dailymotion can be an added advantage to increasing the number of backlinks for your business website pages and reach a larger audience.

How to Prepare a Video?

You can either hire a freelancer to create professional videos, or even convert your existing infographics, product guides, and customer reviews into video tutorials.

How to Add Your Links with YouTube?

To add your links with popular video marketing channel YouTube:

a- Select the video you wish to share

b- Associate your website with Google account (you can check more about it here)

c- Add cards to videos

d- Point specific URLs to multiple cards options offered

e- Add additional links in description section below the video

4. Guest Blogging

In this method, you’ll approach established blog sites/ bloggers with the guest post to be approved and get published on their sites.

Webmasters accepting guest posts will provide you an ability to add a link in the “author bio” section.

Here is an example:

guest blogging backlinks

They may not allow you to point links to your website within the post, which can always be requested for, however, earning backlinks with popular and high-ranking blog sites will automatically help you gain exposure for your brand with the number of posts published.

What is the best way to link your website pages to the author bio section?

Google surely tracks such links from time to time via algorithmic penalties, however, unable to add links in the posts itself, how can you perform the best guest blogging link building strategy?

Instead of pointing backlinks to keywords leading to your service pages, infusing question format content resource directing links to your blog posts will leave obvious footprints for Google to crawl.

Few Effective Guest Blogging Tips

– Create original, unique and informative content (800-1500 words), however, longer blogs can lead to better shares.

– Add high-quality visuals to the post

– Add image credit source below every image, if not copyright free

Tips to Approach a Guest Blogger

– Using Google search type your keyword + “write for us.”

For example, using “mobile application” as your keyword you will get the following results.

guest blogging backlink building

  • Click on each and check for relevancy
  • Look up for the guest post guidelines
  • Abide the guidelines while writing your posts (some webmasters will request for a blog layout for an approval before creating the final content body)
  • Insert and author bio link and email your post to the concerned guest blogging sites

Please note: High-quality content and grammar are the key factors you need to focus while approaching recognized bloggers.

5. Community Blogs

This type of link building strategy will not only allow you to build backlinks but also will help you build relationships with industry-specific communities including newspapers.

How to Start with Relevant Communities?

– Type keyword + community (e.g. we consider the keywords of WordPress)

 community link building

– Click on each to analyze than the most relevant ones

– Create your profile and add your website link

Pro Tip: Instead of following the Q&A blindly, it is always beneficial to understand the frequently asked questions over the community and prepare detailed content around them.

Having informative content in hand, you can set up alerts and immediately link your content to solve the community concerns.

6. Private Blog Networks (PBN)

This is where you will purchase a set of expired domains and control link back to your business sites.

There is a cost involved for building PBN, but as you will have the control over location, anchor text, and even context, you can improve the number of backlinks for your websites.

Where to Buy PBN Domains From?

  1. Domain brokers
  2. Domain auctions
  3. Pending delete domains
  4. Catching dropped domains
  5. Archive list of dropped domains
  6. Expired Domains

7. Contest

You may have considered a contest for only winning prizes and money, however, they become easy to gain backlinks too.

All you need to do is target the right kind of contest!

How Can You Find a Contest?

– Use Google and type your “keyword + guest blogging contest/ competition/ giveaway”

– Select the one that fits the bill

– Read the entry requirements

– write/create and submit your entry

Please note: You may not achieve backlinks for every attempt you make, however, if you win you will surely get one and gain maximum exposure too.

8. Surveys

This is one of the most effective methods for pointing multiple backlinks for your business websites.

Although this can be a time-taking formula, the rewards can be worth the time you’ll spend on the survey backlink strategy for your business.

How Do Surveys Work?

– You’ll approach a bunch of industry experts

– Present your survey to them

– Add your links and publish the results

– Tell them about it

By doing so, you’ll automatically get a chance to be visible in your contributor’s networks too whenever they will share your published surveys.

9. Case Studies

A good case study is always accepted by business owners to gain inspiration and consumers to understand a product or service.

How to Build Links with Case Studies?

– Either contact your existing clients or find something to cover relevant to your industry

– Create the case study

– Reach out to relevant audience, organization who might be interested

Please note: Creating an interesting case study (process/results/outcome) will surely improve the number of backlinks for your business.

10. Interviews

Established businesses are most likely approached with interview request on a daily basis, however, if you don’t you can surely make a proactive approach.

Even the smallest interviews (500-600 words) can earn you high-authoritative contextual links for your business.

Quick Steps to Approach for an Interview

Find your niche by using the below mentioned Google search operators

Keyword + “interview submission” (for e.g. Mobile app is the keyword)

 link building with interviews

– Select the one that best suits your business and reach out to them

Your interview should be related to actual experiences and full of inspiration to increase the number of shares and backlinks for your site.

11. Sponsorship

One of the easiest way to earn backlinks is by sponsoring a contest and local events too.

Many organizations, government, and even educational sites will always be overwhelmed to point links to your site in return of monetary investments for the betterment of the firm.

How to Find a Sponsorship Program?

– In Google search engine, type site: “sponsorship contribution”, or + “sponsorship contribution”, or + “sponsorship program”

sponsorship link building

– Select the ones that can match your purpose of link building

– Approach the education firm or organization with the sponsor amount

– Receive a backlink in return

12. Broken Links

This tactic will give the benefits of attracting multiple backlinks for your business websites.

Identifying broken links/ URLs you can backlink your resourceful content to the specific page as well as other dead pages that link to that website.

How to Find Broken URLs?

Adopting popular automated detection tool like Broken Link Checker will provide you a list of 404 error code page and other unsuccessful HTTP responses website pages that can include high-authoritative sites which no longer offers valid resources.

Get a chance to easily analyze relevant dead link website pages and get them in front of viewers who have already engaged with those pages in their past.

You can also manually look up for broken links by the following ways:

– Use Google and type keyword + intitle: resources (for example, we use the keyword as SEO)
broken link building

– Select the one that best suits your link building strategy

– You can install Chrome add-on Check My Links and identify broken to link your fix and start linking your resourceful content.

13. EDU Websites

Edu domains are generally sponsored top-level domains (sTLD) that offer content and resources to United State affiliated institutions or higher education.

However, these sites are highly judged by Google crawlers.

How to Get EDU Backlinks for Your Website?

Type in Google search

You’ll get a list of EDU websites

edu backlinks

– You can narrow down your .edu domain search based on the location you want to target.

–  Select the one that you can contribute via scholarship, discussions, and broken links.

14. Testimonials

Another effective link building strategy is by proving good reviews for brands that mostly allow backlinking opportunities in return.

How Can You Provide Testimonials?

– Identify the product and services that are of interest

– Gather contact information to connect

– Send a testimonial

Most companies will like to receive positive reviews as it automatically allows their customers to increase trust and take decisions on-the-go.

15. Q&A sites

After the Penguin update, such sites usually offer no follow link building ability, however, they can surely send traffic to your website by organic search.

Quora and Yahoo Answers allow the audience to ask or answer questions covering a variety of subjects. Being a part of this strategy you can automatically link your website pages as the source link.

This is how you can do it:

– Know your FAQ niche

– Create content in advance for the subjects that are relevant and of your interests

– Publish your opinion

– Use Google Alerts to get notified whenever someone asks similar question

– Continue doing so

16. Social Media Mentions

Social coupons, Social bookmarks, Social platforms are also providing effective link building opportunities apart from being a part of your social media strategies.

Effective Methods of Social Media Link Building Strategy

– Google+ allows you to outreach specific audience and target your links in that circle

social media link building

– Twitter and LinkedIn are allowing backlinks to business websites in their profile section

– Groupon is another effective e-commerce platform that is allowing subscribers to local merchants can be your link building opportunity.

17. Competitor’s Mentions

You may call it spying, but I call it to be one of the easiest ways to increase link building opportunities.

There are many authors who write about brands (good and bad reviews) therefore, tracking the relevant ones can help you approach the concerned person and request them to write about your brand and services too.

How to Track your Competitor’s Mentions?

– You can use automated brand monitoring tools like Mention

– You can also use Google Alerts for getting alerts about the brands you would like to keep a track of.

18. Podcasts

A Podcast allows the online audience to download and engage with their favorite resources over their smartphones.

The better your podcast, the more high-quality links you can earn naturally for your business website pages.

Another alternative is to submit your podcasts to popular sites like

You can also take advantage of building links for already created podcasts on popular platforms like iTunes Store and approach the author’s website to submit a transcription of the audio while earning backlink for your website.

19. Expert Round Ups

This is one of the most trending link building tactics by collaborating with industry experts and request them for their opinions on interesting topics as per your niche.

Most of the experts focus on offering the best solutions and should not mind offering their insights that point to your website, as doing so automatically improves their authority with the audience and increases chances of backlinks for you.

20. Wikipedia Links

While resource page is a great option for link building, Wikipedia offers the same scopes allowing multiple opportunities with external pages.

Wikipedia will reflect a number of backlinks at the bottom of each page it offers, however, there are many links that are broken or no longer having content.

wikipedia backlinks

Wikipedia Broken Link Building Process

– Find those broken links

Please note: Many companies do not remove those broken links however, they do tag it as “Dead Link.”

wikipedia broken link building

  • Recreate the broken directing to your website page
  • Contact the webmaster and request them to replace the link on Wikipedia with your own

To access more articles with dead links, please click here.

Your Thoughts on These Link Building Ideas

Link building is surely one of the most challenging aspects of SEO, however, getting affiliated with high-quality links and domains will impact your SERPs.

Have you tried any of the link building tactics? Please share your experience in the comment section.

Good Luck 🙂

Author Bio: This article is contributed by Anil Parmar. He is the co-founder of Glorywebs, an organic SEO company that aims to help clients with web design, web development, mobile apps, digital marketing and more. Websites, mobile apps & plugins we develop have a common # 1 goal: Keep it as simple as possible for end users. You can find him on Twitter @abparmar99.

20 Link Building Ideas You Must Try to Rank on Google 1st Page
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