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What is Shared Hosting | Why Shared Hosting is Best for a Beginner?

Many established bloggers use shared web hosting which is stable at uptime and also reliable. It is cheap (and that’s the biggest plus point!) and best performing compared to other types of hosting.

Also, if you are just starting a new blog, then there is no alternate than a shared hosting plan. Shared web hosting is famous all around the market because it has more uptime and is cheaper than other types of hosting because everything is shared among its users.

Now, what does shared hosting mean?

What is Shared Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting means, a server is shared between 20-30 peoples and everyone is given a setup like the main server with shared storage, bandwidth, and all other stuff. Here each and every bug or any server down issue is quickly responded when compared to a reseller or managed hosting because they are probably going to get complaints from 20-30 users.

Shared hosting is better than many other types of hosting in many aspects like:

  • Shared hosting plans are much cheaper (Don’t believe? Then checkout these Hosting Plans)
  • They are quick in fixing issues
  • It is flexible through bandwidth
  • It can give more uptime than mentioned
  • Shared hosting usually have script installers and other pre-installed backup software and other stuff

When these things are uploaded on their servers, it is going to serve 20-30 people. However, not every server is divided among 20-30 people only, it purely depends on the size of the server, plans they provide to their customers etc.

But if you want a web host that will offer you everything to concentrate only on your blogging and are ready to pay little more, then a Managed Web Hosting is what you need.

Why to Choose Shared Hosting Plans?

In the web hosting industry, shared web hosting is always ranking at top and cheaper than other types of hosting, so different networks approach bloggers with different freebies like free hosting for 2 months, free domain for a year etc.

But obviously all these freebies last only for a year or so, because when you start depending on them, they are going to charge you for everything that you were getting freely from them.

There are also few cons about shared web hosting; as they are shared, problems may also be shared among its users. For example, suppose you are one among the 100 users of a shared web hosting plan and your web host provider offers unlimited bandwidth.

Now if your site starts getting more and more traffic for a certain time, then all other users including you are going to face a lot of issues. Due to bandwidth the site may become less responsive, load time will increase, to have your site alive, then server many shutdown other users hosting, many may face downtime issues due to this.

But remember these things might happen only with new web hosting providers. Established hosting companies will not have these types of issues as they have only 50% server consuming users!

So now you know what is shared hosting and the advantages of shared hosting. Think about your hosting needs wisely and choose the best shared hosting plan, as per your need.

What is Shared Hosting | Why Shared Hosting is Best for a Beginner?
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  • Very nice article and very helpful for beginners to understand about hosting , I have purchased shared hosting from one of the web hosting providers, they have most secured, reliable and fast hosting!

  • I am the beginner before I never know anything about shared hosting. Thanks for sharing your ideas and hosting techniques to beginners.

    When I learned about shared hosting I get to know it is one of the best hosting methods. Because it has more uptime and is cheaper than other types of hosting because everything is shared among its users.

    And also I get to know that they are quick in fixing issues and it more flexible compared to others. And the best thing is it has script installers and other pre-installed backup software.

    So what I think beginners we need shared hosting . Now I have some ideas about the shared hosting. I think every beginner will be useful of this hosting.

    Thank you and keep sharing..


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