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Blogger of the Week: Shiwangi Shrivastava of PensItDown.com

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Hello friends, in our Blogger’s Interview Series today we have another awesome mommy blogger with us. Shiwangi Shrivastava is the lady behind PensItDown.com, a blog about blogging, technology and writing tips. She is a blogger, you tuber and social influencer.

Shiwangi has discovered blogging while chasing for some decent work from home options. She is a happy go lucky type person who enjoys the recognition that comes with the opportunities. Shiwangi believes that “pen is mightier than sword” and that is also the reason to name her blog.

In this interview with WPB360, she has discussed about the best monetizing techniques that have worked for her, how to remain active on different social media and the tricks to boost traffic flow for a beginner. She has also discussed about her ways to manage different blogging tasks while being a mother to a small kid. We are very much thankful to Shiwangi for taking time to answer the questions. So without much wait, let’s jump into the discussion now.

Shiwangi Shrivastava interview PensItDown

Manidipa: Hi Shiwangi, welcome to WPB360. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Shiwangi: It is my pleasure to be here in WPBlogging360 and thanks for choosing me to be part of your generous blog.

This is Shiwangi Shrivastava, blogger, you tuber and social influencer. I am fearless when it comes to experiment something new and eligible in my string of criteria for diving into professionalism. I enjoy the recognition that comes with the opportunities. Shiwangi is tagged by God with never say die attitude and I am also happy go lucky type.

Manidipa: How did you first get into blogging?

Shiwangi: My thought has been running after ample things but Blogging came to me not suddenly as I was constantly chasing for online work from home opportunities because 9 to 5 job is not my cup of tea as it sucks you badly and I cannot handle work pressure by being slave of boss. I did million of research online and I was even fooled often by paying heavy amount of registration but all that stuffs went in vein. My prayer was unanswered and Atish Ranjan came to me as a ray of hope. He introduced me to blogging.

Manidipa: What your blog PensItDown is all about? How you thought to name it?

Shiwangi: Thank God, you know it is Pens-It-Down as many people consider it Pen-sit-down 🙂 Pensitdown covers multiple topics like tech, blogging, writing tips and the event coverage also. Being a social influencer I promote different brands also in pensitdown.

Earlier, I had in my “Writeart” but it was already existing blog and I am happy that my blog name is pensitdown. As you all know “pen is mightier than sword”. Pen can reach anywhere, it is directly proportional to your thought and it is like swimming in the deep ocean. Just write down what you feel whether you are covering any topic or speaking your mind. This is all about pensitdown.

Manidipa: How many hours do you work on an average?

Shiwangi: I have not strategized my proper routine yet for working. When I am home, my baby and my laptop are those I am with. Event coverage also very time consuming though I cover selective events. Someday, I do work 4 to 5 hours whereas next day nothing. On an average you can say I work 3 to 4 hours.

Shiwangi Shrivastava Pensitdown

Manidipa: Being a mother, how challenging it is for you to manage different blogging tasks?

Shiwangi: Yup true, Blogging and baby together are tough to handle. You know time management keeps everything at certain level; you feel eternally blissful and contended. Indeed whenever once in a blue moon I success in managing time and family, I feel top of the world. Infact, everyday is challenge in this race sometime I pass.

Manidipa: As a beginner, what were your major challenges in blogging?

Shiwangi: As a beginner I was slow because I was learner, even today I am learning but I have some major tools to balance it.

Manidipa: How do you drive traffic to your blog? What are the best techniques for a beginner to boost traffic flow?


Manidipa: What SEO strategies do you follow for your blog?

Shiwangi: I trust on creating backlinks and optimize my content with quality keywords. It is tough to keep pace with Google algorithm but for letting the opportunity to work for you need to be slave of Google. Marketing your blog is also major part today apart from putting your blood and soul in writing…

Manidipa: What are your ways to remain active on social media?

Shiwangi: The world is getting smaller with explosion of the social media. Today the lines are blurring with social media, everything is accessible. Being a blogger and social influencer, social media is something you cannot keep it on back seat.

Networking is powerful tool to be visible in Internet marketing. So, I am active on various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google Plus, Instagram, Roposo, Spoylapp and more. I have secured good reach as of now, but need to climb more in gaining more followers. I remain active through publishing my blogs, channel.

My role is different as a tech blogger while as a fashion blogger or you tuber my work is different on social media. I do post my product that I sell.

Manidipa: Are you generating income from your blog? Would you like to share about your income/ sources?

Shiwangi: Yup I am generating handsome income on monthly basis but it is also true that figure is not always same. It is sometime more or sometime less.

  • I earn through blogs sponsored post.
  • Adspace and bit from affiliate marketing and writing.
  • As a You Tuber, I promote different brands so I get income from that part also.
  • As a social influencer when I shout out for the different brands on social media.
  • Spoylapp, Koovs, Amazon and other shopping sites are also good source of income for the blogger and Vlogger.

You can sell your own product also rather than being a publisher for various shopping sites.

Manidipa: Who are your inspirations in blogging?


Manidipa: What do you like to do in your free time?

Shiwangi: Huhu, no free time dear, after being mother, there is no free time at all. I have multiple responsibilities my family, my career and I believe it is extremely important to spend time with you to control the mix feeling and to take yourself seriously. I love to pamper myself whether I am alone or am with my loved ones in free time.

Manidipa: So far, which is the most awesome moment in your blogging journey?

Shiwangi: When I published my first post and the response was unexpected. You can see the huge number of comments of appreciation “ Why I choose blogging as my career”. That was my unforgettable moment and it is kind that I got to enjoy those adages and recognition. My life is enriched with all such experiences in many forms but that was my first time so it is special for me…

Manidipa: What are your next blogging plans?

Shiwangi: Lot of plans. Blogging has opened plenty of doors of opportunities which I never thought of having served in my life. I want to cover all the role of journalism. I start from blogging now in vlogging also. At the very next day, what my new discovery will be I do not know but I know only one thing to excel and make it big.

Manidipa: Would you like to share some tips for the newbie bloggers who are recently getting started?

Shiwangi: Maintain your consistency. Have a deep sense of conviction whatever your choices in blogging. Apart from this, be your best friend, you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Just be comfortable in your skin. Follow this, and then you will able to create space for blogging.

Thanks again Shiwangi for sharing your insights with the readers of WPB360. In case you want to know any other blogging tips from her, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Blogger of the Week: Shiwangi Shrivastava of PensItDown.com
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