Studiopress Accelerator review: accelerate your wordpress site [30 days Free trial]

StudioPress Accelerator is the new CDN like service launched recently by StudioPress, the best WordPress theme maker. StudioPress Accelerator will act like a page caching plugin which will further help to load your websites page faster like ever.

Checkout StudioPress Accelerator Now

As per StudioPress, no need to change any hosting plan, no website migration, no modification or no big configuration required to improve the site speed. Simply use StudioPress Accelerator by following the simple step by step guide to configure the same and get your website ready.

How StudioPress Accelerator Works

As mentioned earlier, StudioPress Accelerator is a page caching solution. While setting up your website for StudioPress Accelerator, one has to choose the region from where the website is getting more traffic. Then StudioPress Accelerator will help your website to gain performance in no time. Here you can find step by step guide to set up StudioPress Accelerator.

StudioPress Accelerator Set up step by step guide

  • Enter the domain name of your site.
  • Enter the IP address of your server.
  • Select the closest Accelerator Region.
  • Click “Add a domain.”
  • Follow our simple DNS instructions

Price for StudioPress Accelerator

You can buy Studiopress accelerator by paying monthly, quarterly or annually. There are various price categories and accordingly one can avail some discounts as well. Check out the below image for price details and click for more details.

StudioPress Accelerator price review

You can buy StudioPress accelerator for multiple websites as well. In that case, you will get further discounts for the 2nd website. Just pay $6/ month and enjoy a high speed website for your 2nd site.

StudioPress has already proved their talent by providing the Genesis framework and many child themes. Not only that, their Pro Plus All Theme pack is the best for a WordPress theme developer. Now their accelerator caching solution is also claiming to deliver the best.

Check out Studiopress Accelerator details here.

Studiopress Accelerator review: accelerate your wordpress site [30 days Free trial]
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