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Blogger of the Week: Sunil Singh of BloggingAnArt.com

“Every single person I know who is successful at what they do is successful because they love doing it.”

Hello friends, in our Blogger’s Interview Series today we have Sunil Singh, an awesome pro blogger and digital marketer with us. BlogginganArt.com is his major blog where he shares useful Tutorials & How-To guides on SEO, Content marketing, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing and various online money making opportunities.

Sunil is in this industry for about a decade now. He has learnt many things over the web utilising various resources and want to return something back to the community by educating others through his blog. Sunil believes that “blogging is one of the most lucrative SINGLE MAN business”. However, one needs to have a clear target on what needs to be done in order to achieve success.

In this interview with WPB360, he has discussed about the best link building strategies for a newbie, his views on what will be SEO in 2017 and how to safe guard a blog from various Search engine changes. He has also shared his experience with Amazon associates program and starting a niche website for that. We are very much thankful to Sunil for taking time to answer the questions. So without much wait, let’s start the discussion now.

Sunil Singh Interview BloggingAnArt

Manidipa: Hi Sunil, welcome to WPB360. Could you please introduce yourself to the readers here?

Sunil: Thanks Manidipa, First of all kudos to you for being the proud owner of such a prestigious blog. I read WPBlogging360 often and must admit that you share great information. This is an honour to be interviewed by a well-known person like you.

I’m a full-time Blogger and a Digital marketing consultant living in the capital of India for a long time and helped many individuals and the businesses from around the world to grow their business. I share my expertise and knowledge that I’ve gained over the last one decade in the internet marketing through Blogginganart.com.

I’m having a Full-time master degree In Business Administration from I.P. University Delhi, Full-time Bachelor in Science majoring Physics (hon) from Delhi University and Part-time Bachelor degree in Computer application as well. When I’m free, I like to go for a long drive with my friends or the family. I can’t live without 3 things; my Macbook, Internet & Smartphone!

Manidipa: How did you start your online journey?

Sunil: My Journey started back in my school days when I was preparing for various engineering competitive exams after finishing Sr. secondary school. Due to some reason, I couldn’t get into Delhi Collage of Engineering in spite of being able to crack the entrance exams. I then decided to join Bachelor of Science in Delhi University. While I had to attend the classes till 4 o’clock, rest of the time I was spending sitting infront of computer and searching different stuff on the internet.

One day I came across a guy who offered me online job wherein I had to publish its company advertisement at various classified websites. I paid the joining fee and the guy got paid commission for recruiting me in its company, it was sort of MLM company. Things went good for a month and I received my first payment (it was much lesser than what I paid as joining fee) but before I could even recover the joining fee, the company shut down its office and disappeared over night.

Later I came to know that it was a fraud company and the work they were offering wasn’t a real work. The only source of income for the company was to recruit people to the company and collect fee.

I didn’t give up and continued to search for real money making opportunities. Meanwhile I joined a travel company before even my final year college result came out. I met one guy in this company who told me that he offers SEO services to people and make extra money online. I had no idea what SEO is, neither did this  guy helped me (who wants competitors? Lol).

I started to search and learn my own. After sometime I found one website called “Scriptlance.com” where one could find SEO/ Internet Marketing and other such projects. This website was later taken over by freelancer.com. I won lots of projects from this site and gained lots of experience while working for clients and that’s how I entered in the Internet Marketing world.

Manidipa: What your blog BloggingAnArt is all about? Why have you chosen this blogging niche?

Sunil: I always try to learn new stuff & teach & educate others too! Learning is a never ending process and you gotta continue it throughout your life. Since I’ve learnt lot of things from the internet utilising various resources, I must give something back to the community.

At BlogginganArt.com I share Tips & Tricks, Tutorial, How-To guides on SEO, Content marketing, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, Make money online etc. & review various IM products to help new comer to understand the product’s features, pros & cons before they make purchase.

And about choosing blogging niche, I think, I’ve already answered this. It’s to return something back to the community. Smile 🙂

Manidipa: How many blogs are you running actively? Would you like to share about your other blogs?

Sunil: Apart from Blogginganart.com, I’ve quite a few blogs that I am running at the moment. They are in different niches and being monetised through various methods such as Google Adsense, Affiliate Programs, CPA etc. However, I create blogs often, monetise them and flip. So if I quote one blog today, I may not be the owner of this blog tomorrow. Smile 🙂

Sunil Singh problogger India

Manidipa: Sunil, you have been into fulltime blogging from quite a sometime now. Would you like to share your daily blogging routine?

Sunil: I plan my tomorrow’s activities today night. However In general I wake up at 7:00 AM and reach my co-working office space at around 9:30 AM. After reaching office, it takes me an hours or two to reply to the queries I receive through email, messages at social media websites. From 11:00 am or so, I work on my blogs till 5 PM and come back home latest by 6 PM.

Then I go for Jogging (or evening walk), have dinner and after watching my favourite show “Ham toh puchange by Sumit Awasthi” at IBN7, I’m back on my MacAir from 9 PM till 12:00 PM to read latest articles at SearchEngineJournal, SearchEngineLand, SearchEngineWatch, SEOBook etc. and tech news at Cnet, Techradar, Digitaltrend etc.

Apart from that, this is the time I mainly utilise for Keyword Research, Link building strategies, Networking with like minded people, Traffic building strategies etc. I go to bed latest by 12:00, sometimes by 1:00 AM.

Manidipa: How did your family react when you told them about your decision of quitting your job?

Sunil: Most of the parents want their kids to have a 9 to 5 job but my family had always been supportive to me in this regard and let me do what I loved to do. They were happy that I will not having an arrogant manager to report (hahaha) to and work as per my choice. A successful blogger makes much better living than most well paid professionals such as doctors, engineers etc.

Manidipa: What will be SEO in 2017 according to you?

Sunil: I foresee SEO in 2017 will be more about mobile sites. Today about 50% of the traffic at various websites is coming through mobile devices and it is likely to grow. While the off page SEO will remain important factor, on page SEO to offer better user experience with mobile sites will be important as well.

Google will be giving good ranking to the mobile sites which are easy to access, load faster, easy to navigate and don’t show interstitial ads. AMP (Accelerated Mobile pages) sites are likely to rank higher.

So while continuing to focus on content, link building, social media marketing, you need to make your website better for mobile users.

Manidipa: According to you, how one can safe guard their blog from various Search engine changes?

Sunil: Your blog is completely safe as long as you don’t do anything to manipulate the search algorithms. If you follow the guidelines laid down by the search engines, I don’t think there should be any problem. Subscribe to SEO blogs that I have mentioned earlier to not miss any update that the major search engines such as Google, Bing announce. Try to address user’s queries in the best way you can without violating guidelines.

For example in the latest announcement, Google issued warning that from Jan 10, 2017 it will start punishing mobile sites which show intrusive ads. Take a look at my latest blog post at blogginganart.com to understand this warning and how to overcome it. So I’d suggest to stay updated and follow the guidelines.

Manidipa: As a blogger, how much importance one should give to link building? According to you, what are the best link building strategies for a beginner?

Sunil: While every problogger talks about content, content & content, I’d like to say that link building is equally important. I don’t deny saying “Content is King” but link building is important as well. Unless you don’t get linked to other websites/ blog, you wouldn’t be able to climb up in search results. But mind that link building is NEVER meant for SPAM. Let the link come naturally or through non-spammy ways.

I would advise newbies to share the content at social media websites, connect with people in same niche, participate in forums while occasionally giving blog URL (must be relevant to the topic) and the Guest post. Follow people in your niche at Twitter, Google plus and tag them when you publish a new content (there is a way you should approach to them, It shouldn’t be like getting their email address and shoot them email with blog post URL !).

Manidipa: Sunil, you are very active in the social networking sites. How do you manage your Social media presence?

Sunil: Manidipa – Online business is all about networking, the more you connect with people (on social media or real life), better is the situation with your business. We hardly meet someone in real life whom we are connected at social media sites. Hence it becomes utmost important to regularly communicate with these people to let them know what you are doing on daily basis.

I spare few moment while working on my blog to share something new twice or thrice a day. New could be anything, my earning of the day, my latest photo with friends, the event I attended, photo with industry leader, my new blog post, Blogging tips, hosting/ domain discount coupons, motivational quotes etc. It’s a MUST !

Manidipa: Recently, you have shared in a social media update that you are going to start a new amazon niche site. Do you think blogging in Amazon niche is more difficult? Would you like to share your experience with the same?

Sunil: Amazon associates program is one of the most popular affiliate program and can be a good choice for someone who wants to enter into affiliate marketing. Although the commission starts at just 4% (goes upto 10, 15% sometimes), but you’ve plenty of products to chose from.

Amazon is a brand and promoting its products is relatively easier than other. People are less likely to leave your blog when they see button which says “Buy from Amazon” than other similar affiliate programs and once they click & buy product, you get commission. It becomes much easier when you start a niche website around a particular product (variation of products can be there) rather than Amazon store listing all the products.

Amazon is a brand and I’ve had great success with its Associate program.

Manidipa: Would you like to share about your income/ sources? What is the best monetizing technique for any newbie?

I experiment with different monetisation methods and see which method resulting in maximum yield for a particular blog. Some blogs do well with Pay per click advertising however some other do good with Affiliate program, CPA, CPC, Pay-per-Call etc.

For the beginners who have just started, need something to motivate them and nothing can be as motivated as making few bucks off their blog. I’d advise newbie to start with Pay Per click advertisement program such as Google Adsense, Media.net although getting these accounts is not easy. I’ve written down a detailed post about how to get Adsense account approved with a new blog at blogginganart.com. Check it out.

Manidipa: Being an entrepreneur how do you cope up with the uncertainties of the monetary aspect of blogging?

Sunil: That’s true, in this business your income fluctuates too much. Sometimes bloggers make really good money one month and the next month nothing (or lower than previous month). I know this problem and taken pro-active approach to tackle it.

What I do is, I’ve defined the level of income that I must have to generate every month calculating all the necessary monthly expenses plus 10% extra surplus. At this point I’m always able to stay well above the income level that I have set for myself. If any blog doesn’t perform any particular month, I still remain above the income level, its just my marginal income gets reduced that particular month.

One must set a monthly income level and try to maintain it. This level shouldn’t be neither too low nor too high. When you have a clear target, you will get to know what you have to do in order to achieve it and I’m sure you will achieve it. With a vague idea, you can’t achieve success in any business.

Manidipa: What are your next blogging plans?

Sunil: At the moment, I’m focussing on to educate as much people as possible via blogginganart.com and demonstrations, you’ve seen I started Amazon niche website and be sharing its updates regularly to inspire people.

I haven’t planned anything more than that as yet.

Manidipa: Blogging is one of the most misapprehended business/ job. Do you see any difference in the behavior of people around you knowing about your online engagement?

Sunil: Yes, I do sometimes ! Many people who have no idea about blogging stuff, they wonder what I do ! In our country, Blogging is still new and about 90-95% people have to Google it or take the help of other resources to know what blogging is and what a blogger does. Although a good blogger makes much better money than a DOCTOR or an ENGINEER, it is still not much recognised.

People make awful faces when I tell them about what I do but when they get to know the success, the awful faces immediately turn into surprised ones and then they start to show interest.

I must say that blogging is one of the most lucrative SINGLE MAN business! We’ve some great examples of successful individuals such as John Chow, Mathew Woodward, Pat Flyn and Amit Agarwal of labnol.org to name an Indian blogger.

Amit Agarwal is an engineer, graduated from India’s most prestigious institute; Indian Institute of Technology and have worked for Google, Goldman Sachs etc. He quit his job to become a full time blogger. Imagine why a man with such good education from a prestigious institution will leave job from world’s top companies in the US to become a full time blogger!

Manidipa: What do you prefer to do when you are not online?

Sunil: Although most of my time is spent staying online, either via Macbook or mobile devices but if I really go offline, I’d love to travel along with my family.

Manidipa: What is your best blogging moment so far?

Sunil: Best blogging moment was when I received my first Adsense cheque (back then there was no option of receiving money directly in bank account) all the way from Google’s California office amounting $105 something (I don’t remember exact figure). Although it took very long time to reach $100 threshold amount. It used to take more than 15 days to receive cheque but was a great motivation factor which encouraged me to enter into blogging.

Manidipa: Would you like to share some tips for the newbie bloggers who are recently getting started?

Sunil: I’ve seen many new bloggers giving up pretty soon. Blogging is something you can’t expect dollar flowing in immediately or soon after a blog is setup and adsense account approved. There are lot of things to do before expecting money to start flowing.

The newbie should first understand what is their interest, what all things fascinate them, what they are passionate about. I’d recommend them to start a blog on the topic they are passionate about, have good knowledge because they’ll be writing lots of content. Start with a small thing and scale it up, don’t expect high return since day one. Start collecting emails since day one though ! haha. Test & experiment with different things, its really important.

Follow Influencers, Leaders on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin etc and read the tips they are sharing. Participate on the forums, Q & A website to get some real time example. Join webinar that many successful bloggers sometimes do for free. Attend events and get to know the people doing well already in this industry.

Thanks again Sunil for sharing your insights with the readers of WPB360. In case you want to know any other blogging tips from him, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Blogger of the Week: Sunil Singh of BloggingAnArt.com
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