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How To Create a WordPress Website in No Time With ThemeCloud

It is hell of a job to run a blog to many.

The work doesn’t end when you write an article. The next thing you need to focus on is getting the maximum hits and views for the blog or website.

You can either create a self hosted WordPress blog or rely on a fully managed platform like ThemeCloud.

You can rest assured about the design and the simplicity of the blog when you are hosting your website on their servers.

themecloud review wordpress hosting

Let’s take a look at how you can build a beautiful website on WordPress easily in this indepth ThemeCloud review.

What is ThemeCloud

ThemeCloud is a platform that makes it simple for even a layman to start a website on WordPress.

There are few good managed hosting providers like MediaTempleCloudways, InMotion Hosting, DreamPress that will help you to skip your hosting hassles.

However, if you need a bit more support, then ThemeCloud is your choice. It is the complete website builder that comes with managed WordPress hosting.

When you opt for the ThemeCloud servers then it is not only about the theme or template of a website. They also take care of your hosting needs, while making it super easy to build a website and choose the perfect template for it.

ThemeCloud servers are so good at this that they don’t even advertise about one of their major plus points that is to increase page load speed.

And we all know how much essential it is, if we want your page to be in the top set of search.

You might also like to know about another all-in-one website builder, StudioPress Sites, which is powered by the most popular theme Framework, Genesis. You can read the comprehensive review, I have written earlier.

Features of ThemeCloud That Make it Unique

Beautiful Templates

The first thing that you will notice that the ThemeCloud servers have a lot to offer considering the price you pay.

You can get the access of ThemeCloud’s service by joining them for a reasonable amount of money.

If we were to evaluate the options of templates that they give us, it would sum about $49 which comes under their subscription so it automatically makes it a lot cheaper.

There are many beautiful templates on a variety of categories like – Architect, Beauty, Business, Fitness, Lawyer, Portfolio, Restaurant, Sport etc. through which you can choose your favorite one and go on with it.

Get Started with a Pre-Built Website

Editing a website or building one from the scratch is a real pain in the head and that is when ThemeCloud comes into play.

More than 25% of the web is powered by WordPress and that means every 1 out of 4 websites is working on WordPress. And this is because, WordPress is the best blogging platform of current time.

Well, if WordPress is such a big thing, then what ThemeCloud does that is to simplify the process of getting started, and that is what makes it unique and efficient at the same time.

Something More than Just Blogging

There are certain themes in WordPress that may or may not be compatible with all the operating systems.

But, ThemeCloud have nailed this thing as they have made it possible for us to reach every operating system or device.

All the templates and themes are responsive and are compatible with every type devices like computers, tablets as well as smartphones.

You can go for any template you want and your website or blog will still be operational on Smartphone, desktop, laptop or name anything for that matter.

Not only this, ThemeCloud servers are so advanced that they make your website available on any operating system, be it Android, Windows or iOS, it’s all there.

Value for Money

With all these features, it is obvious that their subscription will not be as cheap but surprisingly it is not something you would consider as expensive.

You also have a ThemeCloud Free Trial option where you can get a 15 days of trial that is free of cost.

And the best part is, for that you don’t even have to register your credit card which is just staggering.

However, if you are willing to go one with the ThemeCloud servers, then you can choose from the three different licence types listed below.

ThemeCloud Pricing and Plans

themecloud pricing plans


The Blogger pack includes 5 GB of cloud storage for your blog. You even get 1 hours coaching from their professionals. It ensures 10,000 visits a month and the cost of all this is just $9.90 per month. This plan is perfect for a single blog with a decent amount of traffic.


If your website fetches higher traffic and budget is not much of a constraint, then you can definitely go for the Business Pack which will cost you $29.90 per month.

And for that money you will get 10 GB of storage and a staggering 90,000 visitors as well. It’s not the end as the professionals will also give you 6 hours of WordPress help for your blog to grow.

Online Business

This pack is the ultimate thing that you would ever want. It comes with unlimited storage, unlimited visitors as well as 18 hours of coaching.

The best thing about this pack is that it comes with 5 custom domain names, 3 G Suite business email accounts, managed theme and plugins updates, cost of all this? $79.90!

Also if you go for the yearly plan, you can save 20% on your purchase. Sweet deal isn’t it?

Checkout the different plans at ThemeCloud and choose the one that suits your need.

ThemeCloud Review: Should You Go for It?

The website needs varies from person to person.

If playing with the codes is not your thing and you just want to get a beautiful working website without taking much hassle, then ThemeCloud is surely a great choice.

You don’t have to do it the traditional way by going to WordPress as they simplify everything at affordable prices.

Also, the 15 days free trials seems very practical, as you can have an idea of their services before spending your money on that. Try ThemeCloud and take the right decision for your online success.

How To Create a WordPress Website in No Time With ThemeCloud
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  • Thanks for sharing this informative article. I have a niche blog and this content is so useful for me. I will test ThemeCloud, It seems that it will help me with my problems of programming and improving my blog

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  • Hi Manidipa,
    I did not know about the theme cloud. But now I will surely take a deeper look into it.
    Thanks for sharing.
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  • Hey Manidipa,

    Themecloud is well known cloud based managed wordpress host, they go an extra mile by eliminating the hassle of setting up a WordPress site. Creating a WordPress website with Themecloud is pretty much straightforward.

    It offers reliable and fast website setup, top notch managed hosting and powerful tools that helps you to propulse your website and boost productivity. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best information regarding this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  • Hi Manidipa,

    I haven’t heard of this tool but I guess this is something cool. It sounds like on the cloud and having managed WP is better than using it on shared hosting.

  • Hey Manidipa,

    WordPress is an amazing CMS platform. With no technical background in web development, I was able to create a website from scratch. Happy to know that theme cloud has taken it to a different level, making the website more optimized across devices and user friendly.


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