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Why your Email List Isn’t Growing & How Can You Fix That

Many a times, you might have heard about the big things an email marketing campaign can bring to your business. People might have also told that, you will be grabbing some new leads and sales just by sending a newsletter on a monthly basis and keeping your clients in the loop.

Taking their advice, you understood the importance of email marketing and began started crafting emails with some getting started guide. They were in fact right. People subscribed, the sales increased and you were obviously happy as a clam.

But then a twist came. Sign ups dwindled. Though you have a few subscribers here and there, your list is not growing any more.

However, there is no need to be worried. After some initial sign ups when your list is new, it’s very obvious to have slow growth.

Fortunately, here we have come with some simple ways you can adopt to rev up your list building engine and get new subscribers. Go on reading to find out why no one is subscribing to your email list and learn how to grow your email list.

How to grow your email subscriber list

How to Grow your Email Subscriber List Fast?

Problem #1: You’re using the general Slogan “Sign up for my email list!”

Your viewers are overlooking this line and the reason being they have been trained for the same. Just give a thought that how many times have you been on a website, saw this generic one line and cheered with joy like “yes”??

It’s certainly never happened.

My email address is valuable, it’s like my child. So I keep a check on it every day and don’t want it to be occupied with the unimportant things that can also fret me out. I would only share my email address with the one I believe in, and their content is helpful to me.

The matter is, how will I come to know about the worth of their content if they don’t work that hard?

How to fix it

You cannot just rush into somebody’s inbox. It’s a label of spam which I believe; you don’t want.

So you must trade that precious space in their inbox with useful and substantial content. Try to convey them the reason for which they need you in their inbox. Show them the benefits and worth, instead of commanding. Keep telling your visitors the incentives they would be getting for signing up. Be excited, but honest about what you will be giving and how frequently.

Let’s take an instance:

Brian Dean of Backlinko.com: “Free exclusive traffic tips: Enter your email below to get access to my proven SEO and traffic tips.”

Neil Patel of Neilpatel.com: “From “aha” to “oh shit,” I’m sharing everything on my journey to 100,000 monthly visitors. I’m receiving a lot and so will you.”

How to grow email list fast

Even if you’re carrying a gift with your optin, don’t blow like a snooze of it.

“Sign up for my newsletter to get this free download” – so monotonous.

Blend the bonus stuff with an artistic one-liner or slogan.

And above all, go for a good email optin plugin like OptinMonster to give your email subscription rate a strong boost.

Read: Why OptinMonster is the Best Lead Generation Plugin in Budget?

Problem #2: Your Optin Freebie Doesn’t Carry a Blow 

Optins are an excellent way to attract people to join your email list. The purpose of optins is to provide your target audience a valuable freebie that reflects the information they would be getting in their newsletter.

The problem with most of the freebies are of three levels:

Not much value – if the freebie is something that your viewers don’t get attracted with, they won’t be giving you their email address.

Doesn’t target anyone – if you don’t have a target audience, then you won’t be knowing what will help them. And when you try to impress everyone, ultimately you land appealing no one.

Doesn’t stand out – is everybody in your blogging niche giving you same material? You need to make your offer stand specifically for them. Check, if your website visitors can avail the same freebie from someone else. If they’re are already subscribed to some similar lists, why would they add you to their list??

How to fix it

When jotting down what to giveaway as your freebie, just stress on your target audience. Look at your Google analytics, and find out what post brought you the best, what categories kept your audience the most engaged. Craft a valuable freebie around those findings. If you are not sure what they like? Ask them.

Engage with them on social networking sites, look forward to successful sites, read blog comments and send out a survey.

Discover out what your viewers expect and provide them the same with value and worth.

Problem #3: You’re Not Promoting Your Email List

If people don’t know that you are having an email list, how will they sign up for it? If they cannot find the optin form, where will they give you their email?

Just having a mailing list form in your sidebar does not fulfill the purpose.

Do not hesitate to promote even if it’s packed with value. Your target audience will be facilitated being on your list, so you need to tell them about that.

How to fix it

Here are some ways to avail your optin in front of more people:

  • Market your freebie or newsletter on social media
  • Write it in your social media bio’s.
  • Link to it in your email signature.
  • Write a blog post relating to it.

Add sign up from (+ the reason they should sign up for) at the end of each blog post.

Make a landing page for it, explaining the reason they should go for that, show them testimonials and benefits. Go for Thrive Content Builder & Landing Pages, for an ultimate email conversation rate.

This would let you link to other parts of your website or when you go on writing a guest post on somebody else’s website! Place an optin form or your freebie’s picture in your footer.

Note – Under promotion is bad… And over promoting is bad as well. Don’t fill up your website viewers with freebies as it’ll show you full of spam, the audience will then ignore your website and might never come back.

Problem #4: Not Getting Enough Website Traffic

If you are not receiving enough traffic, then getting a number of subscribers to your email list is not gonna happen even.

There are numerous reasons why a blog is not getting that much traffic. It can be like the span of time since you are into blogging, the kind of content you have, the number of links referring to your website, your strategy regarding social media, your website speed, your SEO, user experience, less promotion and the list never ends.

You might be reading a number of blog posts that show and guarantee that you’ll get a fixed number of visitors and a fix amount of time….. But the reality is…. It does take time.

You can have an excellent website with the most valuable content but no one discovers you as they haven’t seen you.

You have to make them notice you. You have to reach there.

There are about 83000 blog posts published on the Internet every hour.

You have to help your own self to stand out. It’s just like a marathon.

Don’t be in a hurry to do this and get a burn! Blogging and developing an online existence takes time and persistence. Don’t expect the results overnight and your email list to boost up from 1 to 15k from just one blog post.

How to fix it

Set up your social networking sites: An imperative rule, you should be spending the same time as in writing your blog as you spend in promoting the blog. You should keep on updating your blog. Your website should be SEO friendly, responsive to mobile, immediate loading and simple to navigate.

Look back and focus on improving one aspect of your blog at one time. Improve your SEO! If you are using WordPress and have not installed and using YOAST yet, then you are missing it out.

Guest post: Look for other blog posts and websites in your niche that get a good traffic and fetch them towards a guest post idea. This would get your blog in front of the viewers and would give you a little off page SEO boost up!

Quora: Quora is a great source of traffic for bloggers. Check out complete guide here on how to get started with Quora.

Also, join Facebook groups, and you’ll get a good amount of traffic from bloggers and business owners.


Growing an email list is not that easy as it appears.

It takes time and patience with a good plan.

You have to be aware of your target audience, their expectations, their problems and the ways to reach them. Then you have to boost your blog towards them and create helpful content for them.

Your website and your blog are for your visistors. They are your bread and butter who help to monetize your blog. Do share the tricks and plans you use to expand and grow your email.

This article is contributed by Anuradha. She is a loving person who enjoys her work thoroughly and has a keen interest in writing. She is a professional blogger and actively engages with the readers. In her free time, she loves reading novels along with some soft music. You can visit her Website or follow her @ Twitter and Facebook.

Why your Email List Isn’t Growing & How Can You Fix That
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  • Hi Di
    I must say that this is actually a nice piece of write-up.
    A generic call to action does not work. It would work only if the person is tremendously influenced by your help and is going to be your strong believer. Sometimes, a generic subscriber form gets signups only by competitors to keep watch what they are doing.
    It is not necessary to promote your subscriber list with a freebie. Some people generate lists with direct sales and that is possible only because their product is powerful enough that people not only buy their product but also subscribe to the list.

    So, even if you’re promoting a freebie, it has to be of some value that people find it valuable enough to give their email address.

    And moreover, to keep the number always growing, it has to be kept in mind that your emails are not annoying your subscribers. Otherwise a wise subscriber will hit unsubscribe without any more time waste.

  • Hi Manidipa and Anuradha,
    a wonderful post indeed 🙂
    I liked the reasons you mentioned that why your Email list isn’t growing!
    Thanks for providing those easy solutions. Gonna try that, soon 🙂
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S Do have a look at my latest blog post @ MeetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there 🙂

  • Hey Manidipa,

    Email list are really valuable for marketing to our products, it may helpful to grow our income through blog. Guest posts on popular blogs in our niche is really valuable for getting more traffic without any paid ads.

    Round up posts is another way to generate traffic to our website without any more paid ads. These two tricks are really helpful to target traffic. Lead magnets also includes beneficial element to grow traffic and sign up to our email list. Eventually, thanks for sharing your healthy thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  • Hi,

    Well I guess I’m on right place as I was searching for email marketing tips and I landed here thru your comment on some blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Manidipa, I love the tip and example you shared by Neil Patel, that’s very creative. I also don’t have the opt in on my email, great idea – thank you! I need to sprinkle my sign up more around my site as well.

    My list grew at first but then slowed do so it’s time to kick it up a notch. I will try out some of these tips!

    • Hey Lisa,

      Great to see you here 🙂

      We all know how important a list is, so it make sense to take the necessary measures to build it.

      I am glad that you found the tips handy. Thank you for taking time to share your comment 🙂


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