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Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Being into the online marketplace you must be bothered to know the latest digital marketing trends that can take your online success to the next level.

With 2018 on full throttle, we have witnessed a lot of digital transformation.

New trends are popping up and old tactics is being crumbled down.

The online industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and it comes with different opportunities focused on giving a better end to end user experience for the customers.

Why You Need to Bother about the Online Marketing Trends At All?

As an online marketer, we always need to be aware about the current and upcoming trends. The digital world is constantly evolving.

While no one can foresee the future, however by seeing and analyzing the trends we can predict where the industry is heading.

Anyone may develop a digital marketing strategy, but one needs be up to the minute to make it work.

In this article, we will see which are the new digital marketing trends that will become the lexicons of online marketers. Following these trends will help you tweak your marketing strategies and make better ROI.

digital marketing trends

Trend #1: Responsive Website with Clear User Benefits 

Your website is the marketplace or the only digital platform where users can directly interact with you.

So it is essential that you have a responsive website that sends out a clear picture of what your business does and what benefits (USP’s) the users will get out of the service or product.

A user typically spends 4-6 seconds before deciding whether to continue on the site or look for better alternatives.

With a majority of users browsing on mobile it is an unavoidable factor to make sure the website design is responsive across all devices.

Your site has to be optimized for the search engine. Always keep a checklist highlighting what has been optimized.

Implement some form of lead capturing and lead management tool, so that the traffic you bring will be augmented to convert.

See it yourself, how a single modification can help you make better sales!

Trend #2: Knowing the Target Audience and Aiming for Higher Conversion Rates

Identifying your target audience is crucial for your online success.

Create a detailed buyer’s persona for this purpose and pen down the pain points of your target audience. From these pain points create your keywords and your article topics.

Write short but compelling titles. You can also try emotional, inspiring, promises and trendy titles. Most people judge an article by its title and the accompanying image.

Make sure the phrase comes in the title. Instead of a keyword, I used the word phrase.

Most people will be wondering why the reason is that Google has moved from being a boolean search engine to a semantic search engine. Where the algorithm looks for intent and context at which a search query is made.

If your title is quirky enough to get a stranger’s attention then Alas your CTR will skyrocket!

If you are doing paid ads then the CTR will be focused on 4 key emotions – fear, disgust, anger, and affirmation. Curate the information for the niche of your blog. So you know whom you are talking to.

Trend #3: High Quality Engaging Content with Supporting Images and/or Videos

A high-quality content is the one that gives the best possible answer to a searcher’s query.

Instead of providing general information, personalize it for the audience requirement.

If your content is able to provide a solution to the searcher’s pinpoint and if the searcher is satisfied with the solution then that content is of high quality.

Providing actionable item will increase the engagement rate.

For example, if you are a content marketing agency putting up a  free downloadable/ shareable contact calendar will help increase the probability of users interacting with the site content.

Since content adds value to the audience, it’s likely that users will share it across the social platforms, this will trigger a lot of social signals towards the website. This will lead your website to be a trusted entity of Google.

Visual media is the next content marketing platform.

Due to the comprehensive effect of simplifying data and make it simple for the audience to understand the gist, a majority of people prefer video to be one of the best media for educating themselves.

A study conducted by Cisco predicts that video will account to 79% of the internet traffic by 2020. Enter into the Youtube nation where you can easily promote your brand. Integrate your YouTube with the web content.

Trend #4: Identity Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Identity-based pay per click is a kind of targeting the right audience and placing the ads that are relevant to them.

Google Adwords have delighted the customers with customer match targeting. Search engines are becoming smarter and judgmental thereby providing a better result for a search query.

Wondering how this personalization works, let’s explain it with an example.

Suppose you have a list that included the email ids of your prospect customers, the next step will be to integrate that list with your PPC campaign.

Once it’s synchronized with Google, The corresponding prospects who uses google platforms will start to see Ads that are relevant for them.

Think about the opportunity here, instead of investing an exorbitant amount of money now you only has to invest a planned budget.

For eg: Think you have a restaurant. In regards to your customer loyalty program you have collected the email and phone number of all the customers.

The Google Ad dashboard has been updated with these emails and other information that the respondent has given.

So next time when the customer logs into Google with the same email id he will be getting ads related to your restaurant, different cuisine you offer, different discounts you are giving, a special weekend offer you are running.

Because of his past experience, these ads can inspire the user to revisit your restaurant and take the service once more.

Trend #5: Dominance of Mobile Search

Portable electronic devices mainly Smartphone’s have revolutionized the way we initiate a search.

Compared to search engines like yahoo and Bing, Google has shown tremendous growth/ opportunity in the field of mobile marketing.

Stats published on merkleinc.com clearly says that 95% of the mobile paid search comes through Google. Another statistics published on smartinsights.com depicts how search varies across electronic devices.

In 2008, 80% of the people access the internet through desktop whereas by 2015 the pattern has changed dramatically, the time spends on mobiles have gone up to 51%.

Search needs to provide a complete solution.

For eg: Before walking into the exam hall you have a doubt, last five minutes to enter the examination hall. What will you do?

Obvious isn’t it, you will take out your mobile and trigger the search query. Here you are expecting an instantaneous answer/ solution to the query.

That’s where the concept of micro-moments come in. Within a limited time the user makes an instantaneous decision, he/ she will start to trust the site which gives him the best possible answer.

Micro-moments can happen anywhere and at those moments users are searching for data that has real-time relevance.

Trend #6: Conversion Through Social Media

Everyone is desperately in needs of conversion, a business cannot survive without conversion. Traffic won’t give you sales as expected, but conversions do.

Social media strategies, if done right can give you a better result.

You may have a good social presence, lot’s of loyal followers may share and likes your post but if those activities are not driving sales then you are running out of the life juice “$”.

Social media is a place filled with striking content. Social media have the potential to attract customers and generate leads.

One way to do this is to create and distribute posts that are intriguing and compelling enough. Gated content is one way of doing it.

For eg: You did an interview with Sundar Pichai. Instead of uploading the whole interview directly on a public profile where everyone can access it.

Split the video into small chunks, upload 2-3 video frames on social platforms like Facebook.

When someone watches the video and shows his interest to watch the entire video, a registration wall/ form should appear asking for name and email address.

This strategy helps to increase lead generation, and once you have the leads information you can kick start lead nurturing.

Another way is to create spot-on ads and send the traffic to specific landing pages designed for conversion. Position a signup form, on every blog posts.

So that whoever comes to your blog/ page can easily be converted into leads. Placing a promo code on your social media background will increase conversion. Prospects who land up on your social profiles may get intrigued by the offer you extend and may reach out to you.

Trend #7: Online Video Advertising

We often come across the term “that video has gone viral”. But, rarely we hear that text, image, whitepaper etc. have gone viral.

A good video has a congenital quality to grab attention. Video marketing has become a cost effective means to deliver messages and position brands in the mindsets of people.

Stats published on Hubspot.com says that 90% of peoples post purchase decision is influenced by product videos. 87% of digital marketers use videos to augment conversion. Marketing today has to be targeted, convenient and brief.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Final Thoughts

So now as you know the most powerful trends in digital marketing, which ones are you going to implement first?

I believe that you are excited about the wide opportunities out there to engage with your target audience and make money through it.

The above trends will create a lot of opportunities for you to increase your online conversion, but will be much demanding and challenging unless you have a detailed plan of approach or an online marketing strategy.

Update yourself with the latest digital marketing trends and use it to your advantage, to reach your prospect customers and ensure that you will give them the best online experience they ever had.

This article is contributed by Nishant Maliakel Oommen. He is a dreamer with a fondness for digital marketing. Inbound marketing is one of Nishant’s forte. He thrives in challenging environments and is adroit in Search Engine Optimization.

His technical expertise and experience have enabled him to turn ingenious thoughts into written reality. Nishant is currently working as a Online Marketer in Kamkash, a digital marketing agency in Bangalore. You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 You Can’t Afford to Miss!
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  • Hey Manidipa,

    In this age of instant Internet, communication and social media, it is pretty obvious that digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing. With the current trends, it is incomprehensible to treat traditional marketing as anything but a supplement to online digital marketing.

    Any business, in fact especially startups and new businesses will find themselves missing out if they neglect the digital marketing avenue. I really agree with these trends – visuals have high impact on our business because it has maximum potential to engage our audience for long time. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy thought with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

    • Hello Amar, Happy to know that you keep yourself updated with evolving marketing trends. You are spot on, traditional offline marketing is techniques are vastly influenced by the internet. At times the online presence reflects the credibility of a business. For eg: In the real world how does it work, some company will reach out to us with a product and parallelly we will search the companies authority and authenticity on the internet. Online presence have become one of the crucial factors that determine a post purchase decision.

  • You have provided the current online trends in an easy and understandable way. That’s what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Jessy,

      Digital marketing has changed over the years. The traditional strategies seems to fade its lustre. We should update with the evolving trends and tweak our existing strategies to resonates with the changing buyer’s behaviour.

  • Hey Nishant

    You are the right person for making wonderful write-up about Digital Marketing. I read your several posts from different blogs. Those give the best insights. Thanks for sharing Nishant and Bhaumik.

  • Hi Manidipa,

    In current market situation, local SEO is going to be important trend in digital marketing. This trend is very important for any small business serving a local area.

    You are doing great job with your blog.

  • Hi Suresha thanks for your kind words. Thanks for following me. Keep visiting wpblogging360 and mention your comments.

  • Hi Manidipa,
    I will completely agree with you about all the mentioned thing but mainly about the mobile searches.
    And thanks for sharing this fantastic post.
    Have a great day ahead.

    • Hello Robin, We have witnessed how the gradual shift from desktops tops to palmtops happened. Most people prefer to interact with devices that are advanced and portable in nature. In coming days the engagement rate on mobiles will increase dramatically.

  • All tips are still rocking the digital marketing. Participating in the niche forums, answering the queries of your business era in quora and other relevant sites and local citation are some points that also should be kept in mind.

  • Hi,

    Well I believe pay per click is the preferred payment in digital marketing since we opt to pay as per our budget.

    Thanks for share

    • Hi Adam, PPC is an amazing strategy to drive paid/ instant traffic to our website. At the same time, since the search engine charges the bidder for every click, there is a probability that PPC can overshoot the allocated budget.


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