20 Top Female Food Bloggers of India: Mother’s Day Special

Happy Mother’s Day to all the loveliest Moms in the world!

The Taste of Heavenly Food is one of the first things that comes to my mind, when I think of my Maa. I always love to or I might say try to replicate her recipes whenever in the kitchen. I am sure you are also the biggest fan of ‘Maa ke Haath ka Khana’.

Today I am here with a list of best Indian female bloggers who have made it large in the niche of food blogging. Most of these women have started their blogging journey inspired by the recipes of their Maa, Amma, Aayi, Ammi, Mai, Mummy, Mom, Mamma – however you spell, the warmth remains the same 🙂

“Most of the recipes presented here are something that I learnt from my Amma, my first teacher who taught me about life and spice”.

“My mother is a greatest inspiration in cooking. I owe all the credits I get for this space to her”.

“Most of the recipes found here are learnt from my mother”.

“My Mom is my true inspiration”.

“My early lessons came from my mother”.

“I grew up watching my Amma prepare some of the most simple and complex Indian food recipes”.

“My Aayi is the person from whom I learnt cooking”.

“Most part of inspiration has come to me from my mother.

Indian women has proven their marks in many aspects of life – whether it’s about making a home or making a career, no stone is left unturned. In case of blogging too, we got some awesome ladies out there who have been a great inspiration to the world.

Food blogging is one of the most loved niche among women. The reason may be – we are born chefs (I know I am biased 🙂 ) I have been a fan of many of these female food bloggers of India since I started my recipe site. All of them are very much able in their own role and making the world drool over their recipes.

Top Indian female food bloggers: best food blogs

To compile the list of top Indian female food bloggers, many stats were taken into account like Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority, Alexa Traffic Rank, Social Followers and Link Profile.

If you want to savour some scrumptious delicacies, you must follow these awesome food bloggers. Keep your culinary knowledge updated and have a feast through your eyes 🙂

Top Female Food Bloggers of India

  1. Richa Hingle: Vegan Richa

Richa Hingle Vegan RichaRicha Hingle is an award winning food blogger who shares simple and delicious Indian vegan recipes through her blog Vegan Richa.

She has been blogging since 2009 and is featured on many media releases. Her instructions are easy to follow with step by step photographs of each recipe – whether Indian orany other cuisine.

  • Domain Authority: 52
  • Page Authority: 60
  • Alexa Global: 74183
  • Alexa India: 79542
  • Sites Linking In: 1249
  • Total Links: 11062
  • Twitter Followers: 5695
  • Facebook Likes: 4,669,89
  • Google+ Followers: 2641
  1. Deeba Rajpal: Passionate About Baking

Deeba Rajpal Passionate about bakingDeeba Rajpal and her blog Passionate About Baking (PAB) is the most popular name among people who loves baking. Baking in Indian kitchen is a bit challenging due to non-availability of international ingredients and her aim is to recreate or develop the recipes with substitutes.

Deeba is a food stylist and calls herself a bake-a-holic who helps the early bakers to ‘do it from scratch’. Mesmerizing photographs will make you drool over her recipes.

  • Domain Authority: 48
  • Page Authority: 57
  • Alexa Global: 3,08,589
  • Alexa India: 43,439
  • Sites Linking In: 1032
  • Total Links: 20346
  • Twitter Followers: 9800
  • Facebook Likes: 13144
  • Google+ Followers: 4118
  1. Dassana: Veg Recipes Of India

Dassana Amit Veg recipes of IndiaDassana is a passionate blogger and is a very well-known name in the world of Indian veg recipes. She has started blogging since 2009 and present her recipes in an easy pictographic format.

From North Indian to South Indian or East and West Indian – whatever you are looking for, you will find every Indian veg recipe in her blog Veg Recipes Of India.

  • Domain Authority: 46
  • Page Authority: 55
  • Alexa Global: 9575
  • Alexa India: 985
  • Sites Linking In: 1063
  • Total Links: 3109
  • Twitter Followers: 1859
  • Facebook Likes: 10,60,944
  • Google+ Followers: 3350
  1. Sailaja Gudivada: Sailu’s Kitchen

Sailaja Gudivada of Sailu's FoodSailaja Gudivada is one of the very powerful Indian food bloggers and is the first name when it comes to authentic Andhra food. Her blog Sailu’s Kitchen contains simple yet delicious home cooked meals along with international flavours.

Sailaja has been blogging since 2005 and uses ingredients from her organic garden.

  • Domain Authority: 46
  • Page Authority: 53
  • Alexa Global: 64,719
  • Alexa India: 8,109
  • Sites Linking In: 999
  • Total Links: 3680
  • Twitter Followers: 2886
  • Facebook Likes: 11,60,501
  • Google+ Followers: 4592
  1. Nags (Nagalakshmi): Edible Garden

Nags Edible GardenNagalakshmi aka Nags is one of the most influential and creative Indian female food blogger. She has been cooking since 2007 and shares some quick yet healthy delicacies through her blog Edible Garden.

Being a fulltime professional she has a recipe for every busy individual.

  • Domain Authority: 43
  • Page Authority: 52
  • Alexa Global: 1,10,502
  • Alexa India: 17,492
  • Sites Linking In: 620
  • Total Links: 4320
  • Twitter Followers: 3027
  • Facebook Likes: 2,06,470
  • Google+ Followers: 1127
  1. Sanjeeta kk: Lite Bite

Sanjeeta kk of Lite BiteSanjeeta kk is the face behind Lite Bite. She started this blog back in 2009 and wants to keep her passion through this space. Food for her is comforting and an important factor to connect with people.

Sanjeeta loves to share homemade healthy recipes through her blog and specializes in creative food styling.

  • Domain Authority: 41
  • Page Authority: 49
  • Alexa Global: 8,98,362
  • Alexa India: 126,842
  • Sites Linking In: 590
  • Total Links: 7984
  • Twitter Followers: 2918
  • Facebook Likes: 29329
  • Google+ Followers: 8643
  1. Aparna Balasubramanian: My Diverse Kitchen

Aparna Balasubramanian of My Diverse KitchenAparna Balasubramanian is a food photographer who started blogging in 2007. She believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home and shares her food experiences through her blog My Diverse Kitchen.

As the name suggests, you will find diverse types of Veg recipes along with some traditional Palakkad Iyer cuisine.

  • Domain Authority: 39
  • Page Authority: 49
  • Alexa Global: 4,44,200
  • Alexa India: 69,059
  • Sites Linking In: 538
  • Total Links: 2704
  • Twitter Followers: 1589
  • Facebook Likes: 2172
  • Google+ Followers: 4906
  1. Sia Krishna: Monsoon Spice

Sia Krishna of Monsoon SpiceSia Krishna is passionate about cooking and making Indian food ‘less intimidating, healthy and easy to cook’.

Her blog Monsoon Spice is one of the top Indian food blogs which covers almost all types of recipes for the amateurs as well as experienced.

  • Domain Authority: 39
  • Page Authority: 48
  • Alexa Global: 6,01,453
  • Alexa India: 96224
  • Sites Linking In: 386
  • Total Links: 7012
  • Twitter Followers: 1537
  • Facebook Likes: 9106
  • Google+ Followers: 2140
  1. Mallika Basu: Mallika Basu

Mallika Basu of MallikaBasu.comMallika Basu is a food columnist who loves Indian food. Her blog is in her own name Mallika Basu (Previously Quick Indian Cooking) that has some beautifully written recipes which are not only healthy but are easy to cook too.

From Vegetarian to Meat, from Rice to Drinks – you will find every recipe in her food blog.

  • Domain Authority: 37
  • Page Authority: 47
  • Alexa Global: 7,65,341
  • Alexa India: 1,49,286
  • Sites Linking In: 68
  • Total Links: 1610
  • Twitter Followers: 10.5K
  • Facebook Likes: 5299
  • Google+ Followers: 83
  1. Archana Doshi: Archana’s Kitchen

Archana Doshi of Archana’s KitchenArchana Doshi is a celebrity food blogger who started blogging in 2007. Her blog Archana’s Kitchen is one of the leading recipe and food discovery website of India.

She has a mission to empower people with healthy food and shares some simple seasonal recipes without any additives and preservatives.

  • Domain Authority: 37
  • Page Authority: 46
  • Alexa Global: 73,524
  • Alexa India: 9643
  • Sites Linking In: 361
  • Total Links: 970
  • Twitter Followers: 6753
  • Facebook Likes: 3,47,592
  • Google+ Followers: 16,58,164
  1. Jayanthy Kumaran: Tasty Appetite

Jayanthy Kumaran of Tasty AppetiteJayanthy Kumaran is one of the best Indian female food bloggers who started blogging in 2009. Her blog Tasty Appetite, has some quick Indian recipes which are delicious yet healthy.

This Indian food blogs with step by step pictures will help any novice to learn healthy recipes in an easy to follow step by step format.

  • Domain Authority: 37
  • Page Authority: 41
  • Alexa Global: 2,78,066
  • Alexa India: 37,773
  • Sites Linking In: 441
  • Total Links: 4159
  • Twitter Followers: 711
  • Facebook Likes: 1,06,089
  • Google+ Followers: 1457
  1. Shilpa: Aayi’s Recipes

Shilpa of Aayi’s RecipesShilpa is the founder of Aayi’s Recipes, a hub for authentic Konkani recipes. If you want to explore some homemade Konkan food, then her blog is a must visit.

She has been blogging since 2005 and shares some useful how to guides and cooking tips.  

  • Domain Authority: 36
  • Page Authority: 44
  • Alexa Global: 3,51,713
  • Alexa India: 38,340
  • Sites Linking In: 453
  • Total Links: 2964
  • Twitter Followers: 86
  • Facebook Likes: 10,065
  • Google+ Followers: 502
  1. Anushruthi RK: Divine Taste

Anushruti RK of Divine TasteAnushruthi RK is a food developer who shares recipes from all over the world. Her blog Divine Taste is aimed to present pure vegetarian and sattvic food (food without meat, fish, eggs, wine, onions and garlic).

This is one of the best food blogs in India where you can explore some exotic guilt free recipes.

  • Domain Authority: 35
  • Page Authority: 46
  • Alexa Global: 5,29,497
  • Alexa India: 75,042
  • Sites Linking In: 243
  • Total Links: 2494
  • Twitter Followers: 3285
  • Facebook Likes: 4554
  • Google+ Followers: 214
  1. Rajeswari Vijayanand: Raks Kitchen

Rajeshwari Vijayanand Raks KitchenRajeswari Vijayanand is a very famous name in the niche of food blogging for her mouth-watering recipes. Her blog Raks Kitchen is one of the best vegetarian food blogs of India.

She has been blogging since 2007 and shares authentic veg recipes along with some eggless bakes in her recipe blog.

  • Domain Authority: 35
  • Page Authority: 45
  • Alexa Global: 66,910
  • Alexa India: 11,797
  • Sites Linking In: 462
  • Total Links: 5635
  • Twitter Followers: 1643
  • Facebook Likes: 12,34,859
  • Google+ Followers: 1880
  1. Maria Jose: Marias Menu

Maria Jose of Marias MenuMaria Jose is the founder of Marias Menu, a top Indian food blog where she shares some healthy recipes and tips to make everyday cooking easy and entertaining.

She has been featured in many press and media releases. Most of the recipes in her blog are inspired from Kerala food along with other Indian recipes.

  • Domain Authority: 34
  • Page Authority: 44
  • Alexa Global: 1,58,785
  • Alexa India: 27,907
  • Sites Linking In: 200
  • Total Links: 147
  • Twitter Followers: 403
  • Facebook Likes: 65,509
  • Google+ Followers: 280
  1. Padhu Sankar: Padhu’s Kitchen

Padhu Sankar Padhus KitchenPadhu Sankar is an inspiration to many Indian female bloggers. Her blog Padhu’s Kitchen serves some authentic Indian vegetarian recipes with an exception of eggs.

Her blog is one of the best cooking blogs for beginners where all the recipes are tried and tested. One can easily learn any recipe with the step by step pictures.

  • Domain Authority: 33
  • Page Authority: 44
  • Alexa Global: 47,261
  • Alexa India: 6226
  • Sites Linking In: 304
  • Total Links: 2088
  • Twitter Followers: 963
  • Facebook Likes: 27,730
  • Google+ Followers: 1371
  1. Chitra Ganapathy: Chitra’s Food Book

Chitra Ganapathy of Chitra's Food BookChitra Ganapathy has started Chitra’s Food Book back in 2009. The blog tagline says it all: Ratatouille – Anyone can cook. She shares recipes for daily cooking with step by step pictures for easy understanding.

Her blog has a mix of South Indian recipes along with recipes from varieties of other state & other countries.  

  • Domain Authority: 33
  • Page Authority: 38
  • Alexa Global: 1,28,248
  • Alexa India: 19,366
  • Sites Linking In: 184
  • Total Links: 4814
  • Twitter Followers: 943
  • Facebook Likes: 10,097
  • Google+ Followers: 4254
  1. Sharmilee Jayaprakash: Sharmis Passions

Sharmilee Jayaprakash of Sharmis PassionsSharmilee Jayaprakash of Sharmis Passions shares some authentic South Indian recipes through her blog pages.

Being a food blogger, she loves to experiment with different cuisines and is greatly interested in food photography.

  • Domain Authority: 32
  • Page Authority: 43
  • Alexa Global: 64,997
  • Alexa India: 7,616
  • Sites Linking In: 6339
  • Total Links: 377
  • Twitter Followers: 1637
  • Facebook Likes: 319
  • Google+ Followers: 3002
  1. Hari Chandana P: Blend with Spices

Hari Chandana P of Blend with SpicesHari Chandana P is the face behind Blend with Spices, an Indian food blog which has some great collection of innovative and simple vegetarian food recipes.

Her recipes are presented with easy instructions and are updated regularly.

  • Domain Authority: 32
  • Page Authority: 43
  • Alexa Global: 369676
  • Alexa India: 46299
  • Sites Linking In: 346
  • Total Links: 6036
  • Twitter Followers: 1005
  • Facebook Likes: 167K
  • Google+ Followers: 1780
  1. Kavitha Ramaswamy: Foodomania

Kavitha Ramaswamy of FoodomaniaKavitha Ramaswamy is a famous female food blogger of India who shares authentic Vegan recipes in her blog Foodomania. You will find some awesome egg-free baking recipes here.

Her recipes has step by step pictorials and also approximate Nutritional Information associated.

  • Domain Authority: 32
  • Page Authority: 38
  • Alexa Global: 4,06,915
  • Alexa India: 58,112
  • Sites Linking In: 142
  • Total Links: 6775
  • Twitter Followers: 82485
  • Facebook Likes: 342
  • Google+ Followers: 55

They are my one stop destination whenever I am looking for some food experiments. Please feel free to share about your favourite food blogger in the comments below. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and let them know about these top Indian female food bloggers who are making India proud. Happy drooling 🙂

20 Top Female Food Bloggers of India: Mother’s Day Special
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