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Top 10 Sites that Pay for Answering Questions

Have you ever thought that you can make money over the internet using your knowledge & expertise? If you know a lot about anything, then there are websites who will pay you for answering some simple questions.

Getting relevant quality answers for your queries is indeed a tough job. But these websites made it easy by hiring some great experts in their field.

You should have specialist knowledge and experience about certain things to solve the queries of people who are facing some problem. Your knowledge about several things and the capability to answer in a friendly and supportive manner can help you to earn some good money online.

Sites to Earn Money online by Answering QuestionsIf you search for ‘sites to get paid for answering questions online’, you will find several websites on the Internet that pay you for answering other people’s queries. But to make your job easy, I have come up with is a list of sites that pay for answering questions related to various fields.

Best Sites for Making Money online by Answering Questions

  1. Chacha.com

Chacha.com is a great platform to get paid for answering questions online while sharing your knowledge and expertise. It helps you to answer questions in a fast-paced yet fun-filled way. Depending on the rating of your answer and the time you took to answer the question, you will get a certain number of cents per answer. You will get a professional search training and custom tools before onboarding as a Guide in Chacha.

  1. Live Person

LivePerson is a unique service that offers cash for the people who have answers for the queries that get posted in their site. Once you register with LivePerson, you will be listed according to your professional expertise. Any LivePerson client will then be able to hire you as an Expert. As a LivePerson Expert, you will get all the necessary tools to communicate with clients and colleagues.

  1. CreatePool.com

CreatePool is a place where you can answer questions for money as an expert. CreatePool has four Pools of information (namely for programming (www.hackerpool.com), academia (www.studypool.com), auto mechanics (www.mechanicpool.com) and legal expert (www.counselpool.com)). Experts of these various fields can sign up and answer questions or solve problems/ cases. CreatePool deducts a 20 percent service fee from each transaction.

  1. Mahalo.com

Mahalo.com gives you cash for the quality answers and written content to their network of Q&A sites. You can address a variety of unanswered questions from topics like Beauty & Health, Cars & Transportation, Computers/Software, Internet & Websites, Fashion & Shopping, Food & Drink, Finance, Fitness & Nutrition, Tech/Hardware, Travel, Sports & Entertainment, Video Games and what not! You will get a flat rate for every answer you contribute, with the ability to earn up to $200 per week.

  1. Just Answers

Justanswer.com is a great platform to earn money online by answering questions. They hire people to become experts and answer many question in a variety of different categories. Here Experts are paid a percentage of what the customers compensate for the answers. You also have to go through an approval process before your answer is accepted.

  1. StudentQuestions.com

As an expert in StudentQuestions, you can earn money while doing something you enjoy. You can answer the academic questions posted by the students and get paid for that. It’s a great way to earn money online while helping others with their questions.

  1. SmallBizAdvice

Smallbizadvice.com mainly deals with people’s queries on starting any small business. Questions may vary from simple how-to’s to compiling a research report or some specific expert solution. But the good thing is, you can decide which questions you want to answer. If you are a business expert, then you can get paid for sharing your knowledge and expertise in your free time.

Paid Answers is a unique service which combines the people with questions to those who has answers for them. It helps you to score some extra cash for every correct answer or proper guidance. You can make money answering questions on Paid Answers for every accepted answer. You don’t have to go through any interviews for becoming an expert with them. Simply start with answering questions in your area of expertise.

  1. ExpertBee

If you have the desire to help people with your knowledge and experience, then ExpertBee is one such website which helps you to earn money online while doing so. To start with, you can bid with your price to answer, once one question is posted. Once you win the bid, then you can provide your answer or solution and get paid by the inquirer for that. Your ExpertBee earnings are redirected to you via your PayPal account.

  1. Askables

It is one of the best site for making money online by answering questions. Contributing to Askable is really easy and profitable. You can earn an ongoing revenue share or upfront cash payment in return for the answers you give to the visitors and also your content. The payment depends on your level of expertise.

If you are one of those who are willing to use her/ his skills & time and get others the information they are looking for, then you can explore the above mentioned list of best website to make money by answering questions. Most of these sites prefer payment through Paypal or Cheque. There are also many other ways to earn money online like paid blogging, online surveys, review writing or selling stock photography. Let us which one is your favorite money earning method in the below comments.

Top 10 Sites that Pay for Answering Questions
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  • Hi Manidipa,

    Looks like you forgot to mention “Quora”. Quora community can answer anything you need to know. Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.

    Hope this helps to your readers.


    Akhil K A

  • Hi Manidipa,
    We do answer many questions on quora or sites like that but we don’t get any payment from them. I think it will be great to answer on sites because we will be paid.
    So, thanks for sharing the list.

  • Hello Manidipa, you always come with the best ideas on making money. Actually, i don’t know we get pay for answering the questions. Fascinating. I use Quora, but i am aware that they don’t pay. Will check those sites. thanks for the post.

  • Hi Manidipa,
    wow, an awesome post!
    Didn’t know that there are some sites that pay for answering questions! 😀
    Just wow!
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S. Please do read my latest blog post @ MeetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there 🙂


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