Topvisor – The Most Versatile SEO Keyword Tools available Online

Hello, fellow bloggers and internet marketers! Today we will take a look at a tool that has generated a lot of interest online for the good reasons. It helps to get more traffic, visitors and as a result revenue to your blog. This tool will help you to make your keyword research easier and find the profitable keywords and keyword ideas for your site.

Topvisor is one of the most versatile and yet a simple to use tool that helps you with all your keyword problems.

Having trouble in doing keyword research? Topvisor has got it covered. Want to find long tail or LSI keywords? Topvisor has that covered. Also if you have no idea how to group your keywords together to create content around a theme, don’t worry, it will help you in that too. Now know which keywords are ranking good on search engines and which are your top performing keywords with Topvisor – your all in one SEO tool.

Topvisor review best SEO Keyword Tools online

Topvisor Review: Best Online Keyword Tools

They have 4 keyword tools that will serve all your need related to keywords.

Keyword Research Tool

Since you are reading this post, I am sure you are well aware of the importance of having the right keyword research for your site/blog. Targeting the right keywords will get you the most organic traffic. With Topvisor, you can find JUST the right keywords to target the right audience and get the most amount traffic.

In the keywords tab of Topvisor tool, when you select the “Research keywords” option, you will get a pop which will help you to do your keyword research.

Topvisor Keyword research tool

Just select the sources for your keyword research, the location that you want to target and a base keyword which you want to target. Then click on the Research button and the tool will do the rest for you.

With other tools, you can select only one search engine for researching your keywords. But with Topvisor, you have an option to select multiple sources for the best results.

Not only you get a list of the keywords that you can use, you will also get the popularity of the keyword in different search engines and different locations.

Keyword Suggestions Tool

Now that you have a list of viable keywords which you think you can use for your webpages, it is time to find long tail keywords to improve your site SERP rankings. Once you have your keywords which you want to target, Topvisor provides you will a keyword suggestions tool which finds LSI keywords for your root keyword.

Just go to the keywords tab in your account and then select the “Grab keyword suggestions” option. Here, you can select the search engines which you want to target along with the locations and input the root keyword to get long tail suggestions.

Topvisor Keyword Suggestions tool

Topvisor will then look through various search engines for different search results to find the most related keywords. This way, you can have a comprehensive list of usable long tail keywords.

You will be provided with a list of keywords in a different group among your keyword list. You can then use those long tail and LSI keywords to improve your SERP rankings.

Keyword Clustering Tool

By this point of time, you will probably have a list of keywords in variety of different genres and different themes. The keyword clustering tool provided by Topvisor is an extremely powerful tool which you MUST USE whenever possible.

The tool sends automated queries to search engines and then matches the returned result pages with the keywords that you have provided. If the search engines return the same page for different keywords in the list, the keywords will be grouped together in a keyword group.

Topvisor Keyword clustering tool

The keywords which do not reveal any matches in the top-10 search results are grouped together in a separate group named “Stray keywords”.

The tedious task of finding related keywords and finding topics for new content is easily taken care of by this tool. This is what makes Topvisor stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Keyword Magnet Tool

Keyword magnet tool requires you to connect your analytics account with Topvisor to give you data about your most performing keywords and most performing pages.

You can have a look at the pages which are performing the most in organic results. Also, you can find the keywords which are searched the most. Along with the keywords and the pages, you can view the number of visits, bounce rate, pages per session and average time spent on the page.

Research and analytics are combined in one tool, helping you to get the most out of your time.

Wrapping Up

So we can see that, Topvisor is an all in one keyword tool where you can search, organize and make use of all the keywords that you will require to improve your SERP rankings.

The keyword tools are enough to get you hooked for using Topvisor every time you want to do a keyword research session. But, there are tons of other features which make Topvisor a great tool worth trying. Not only does it help you to keep a track of your keyword rankings, you can also track your competitors for the best use of your time.

Topvisor – The Most Versatile SEO Keyword Tools available Online
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