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5 Best Wayback Machine Alternative Websites of 2017

Wayback Machine is one of the most and best internet archiving sites, which is being used by thousands or millions of the people every day.

Many businesses depend on it to understand their competitors and build different business strategies.

The Wayback Machine lets people see the history of any archived website and how it was developed in the past.

Apart from that, there are several other uses of the Wayback websites.

Some of them include: accessing deleted information, understanding competitor development and even accessing the content of a down site.

Having access to the Wayback Machine all the time is indeed important, as it is generally used in some crucial situations.

Sadly, it is not 100% guaranteed that an website will never be down, so all you need to do is to prepare for that.

Now, are there any other sites like wayback machine?

Yes, there are actually many alternative sites available that resembles the Wayback machine and will help you when the Wayback Machine website is down.

So, if you are looking for some Wayback machine alternatives websites, then this article is for you where you will find some of the striking and best sites like internet Wayback machine.

In addition, you might be searching to try something new with a bit of new features.

Whatever the reason is, if you are seeking for a Wayback Machine alternative, then here we are with the best options for you that you can use for your need.

best wayback machine alternatives

In this article, we are going to introduce five Wayback Machine alternatives.

Although, they aren’t even close to what Wayback Machine can do, but they do offer few unique and excellent features, that may compel you to use them.

Best Websites Like Wayback Machine

1. ScreenShots

ScreenShots is one of the best Wayback Machine alternatives that lets you see how a particular site actually looked like in past days.

There are many of the internet archiving websites that copy the web page code and save it for the future reference.

But this is not actually ScreenShots do. It simply takes the screenshot of a webpage for a particular site and then archives it.

This site uses WHOIS database of Domain Tools that help users to find the sites to archive and then use the snapshots to create a record of those sites.

The time and the frequency of taking pictures for a particular site depends on how many times that site got updated with new posts or contents.

If a site gets updated regularly, then it will be archived more often, and you will get more snapshots of that site in ScreenShots history.

Currently, they have 250 million historical images of websites.

When their systems notice a significant modification on a website home page, they take the snapshot and archive it for later reference.

Using ScreenShots is very simple.

You can browser snapshots in the window of Featured Screenshots of featured pictures based on the news, frequency and popularity of the specific websites in the search bar.

But when you wish to look history of particular website, make sure you enter the complete address of that site in the search bar.

For example, if you wish to see the history of this website, you need to write “wpblogging360.com”, and this will show you the snapshot of the site history.

#2. Archive.is

Here is another great alternative to Wayback Machine that is Archie.is.

It is arguably better than Screenshots for many people.

This is not one of the most attractive sites and even not that easy to navigate as well, but its database and archiving techniques makes up for it.

This site will allow you both search about site history and then let you take screenshot of any domain that will be saved for everybody to see.

By using this site you can have perfect solution to get details of any site like screenshots, data and graphical details.

This site archives any particular site on the frequency of the site’s activities. This will take both such as code as well as screenshot while archiving the site.

But, one downside of this site is that it doesn’t send crawlers to the archive web pages.

This website is not that attractive as compared to ScreenShots.com or the Wayback Machine.

But still, it is very simple to use and navigate with least choices to worry about.

On its official website, you will be presented with the two different search bars – one is in red, which is situated at the top and the second one is in blue, which is located at the bottom.

In the Red search bar you can demand archiving of a web page, while in the blue search bar you can check the history of the particular website.

#3. Competitor Screenshots

Competitor Screenshots is another great alternative to Wayback machine.

This archive is primarily meant to provide you a great peek into your competitors marketing strategies that adds website’s screenshots, social media activities and about their email campaigns to look for their success landscape.

But if you want to look for more details about your competitor’s site, then you need to sign up first for free on this Competitors Screenshots sites.

The free signup on this website provides you limited access to your competitor’s information for over the period of first 60 days only.

But to discover more details, you require upgrading to their premium plans.

This site is quite similar to the Screenshots site, as it also archives only the screenshots of any particular website, but not the HTML code.

To see the history of any site you need to enter the complete URL of your competitor’s website and this will list you the screenshots of that site and you will able to see the history of your competitor’s website.

#4. PageFreezer

PageFreezer is one of the most preferable Wayback machine alternatives.

It offers a high range of features that makes it stand in the competition.

By using this site you are able to see and analyse your site as well as your competitors’ website details.

Overall Page Freezer is the best choice that you can look up to.

This internet archive alternative is incredibly advanced when it comes to features and security.

There are many websites including the Wayback itself that provide you the glimpse of an website’s past detail.

But, PageFreezer offers its users a real-time experience of a particular site as if it’s still running in the past.

Furthermore, it also gives social media archiving of any websites.

This is how you can find where and when that particular site got the social media mentions.

Indeed, this site offers several other features that make it one of the leading sites in the industry.

To use this website, first you need to submit the complete information about you.

Once you submit it, you are able to archive any blog, website or social media account and you will enjoy completely automated archiving from this site.

#5. iTools

Are you seeking for a Wayback machine alternative that offers information beyond just the screenshots?

Then you can take a look at the iTool website.

This site provides coding structure along with the screenshots of a site.

iTools is not only a web archive but it is a site analyzer that offers you details of website including the traffic of the site, popularity of that site, statistics, its Alexa rank, contact information and much more.

To provide information on a website to that extent, this site uses one of the favorite tools – Alexa.

iTools is basically a one place for all the famous tools that also offers website analysis, so basically this is not just only an internet archive.

On its home page, the layout of it might confuse you but once you start using it, you will definitely start loving this site.

On this site, you can look for the analytics, SEO, the internet, statistics and website traffic.

To use it, simply enter the site URL and this will list you Alexa Traffic Ranks, Global Rank, Audience Geography, Bounce rate, daily pageviews per visitors, daily time on site, keywords of the site, traffic and upstream sites.

This is what makes it stand out from other sites in this list.

Which is the Best Wayback Machine Alternative?

The Wayback machine is certainly the best website archive site with the massive database ever.

However, certain other sites like Wayback Machine give similar and some additional features than the internet archive.

Hence, this is why it is important to have Wayback Machine alternative websites so that you can refer to them if in any case the Wayback machine is down or doesn’t help you to find the sort of detail that you are willing to know.

Hope you find this article handy.

If you are using any other internet archive website that works best for you and that I have missed mentioning in this list, then please feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

Author BioNikhil Makwana is the co-founder of BforBlogging. He is a passionate blogger and turned blogging into a money making ideas for smart passive income. He loves to roam in the world of digital marketing and to explore countless destination to enhance his skills. You can catch him at popular food joints in Ahmedabad and also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.


5 Best Wayback Machine Alternative Websites of 2017
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