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20 Web Hosting Terms you Must Know About (Hosting Glossary)

Web hosting terms and definitions: In pure terms, web hosting means, hosting your website or uploading some java scripts or any code to an internet server which can be accessed through World Wide Web.

Web hosting companies provide a certain amount of space on their servers, where you host your website. This space is decided according to the amount you pay to them.

Do you know your hosting environment is one of the prime factors to boost your website speed? That’s why it becomes essentially important to find the right host for your blog/ site.

However, before buying a hosting service for your website/blog, you need to know some basic yet very important terms about web hosting. So in this article I will share twenty such terms which you must know before deciding the best hosting plan as per your need.

Web hosting terms and definitions glossary

Web Hosting Glossary: Terms & Definitions

  1. Server: They are the database of any website / hosted things, they are owned by web hosting companies which will provide information once a user requests.
  2. Linux Servers: A server operation in Linux operating system, which is a very popular operating system for web hosting, coding, etc. Alternately ubuntu Linux based servers are also used for web hosting.
  3. Windows Server: Like a Linux server, a windows server is a server operating on windows operating system. Windows servers are little bit costlier than Linux servers and have some unique features that Linux server don’t possess.
  4. Dedicated Hosting: It’s like owning a complete server, where an individual will have full access and authority to it, they will have access to the entire resource and each and everything should be instructed to the server by them. [Check: 6 best dedicated hosting providers]
  5. VPS Hosting: VPS refers to virtual private server hosting, it’s like having a separate computer on a part of a server and having a remote control to it. VPS hosting is very flexible and reliable.
  6. Shared Hosting: It’s a type of hosting where are the account of your CMS (website) are linked to a centralized server and are operated individually under the roof of a giant server.
  7. Reseller Hosting: It’s basically a smaller web hosting company buying a part of a web server (usually from a bigger company) and selling it to its user under their name.
  8. Uptime: It’s the time period throughout which your web hosting server provides uninterrupted access to your site. Usually, an uptime of 99% or above is preferred.
  9. Dedicated IP: It’s a unique Internet protocol address provided by your web hosting provider which will point to your server and it’s a basic requirement to acquire SSL certificate to accept payments via your site.
  10. Bandwidth: When a user/ visitor visits your site there is a data transfer process taking place which will download some data from your server or upload something. The amount of data that is transferred between your site and the server is known as bandwidth.

I have already shared the beginner’s guide about what is web hosting & the costly web hosting myths that you should realize before deciding on your hosting plan. Along with that, below are few other terms which you can just have an idea on.

Other Hosting Terms

  1. Add on Domain: Domain linked to your dedicated IP to have a unique representation.
  2. Disk Space: Space provided to you for hosting purpose.
  3. Parked Domain: Domain that is not properly configured or blocked by your domain registrar.
  4. SSL Certification: Secure socket layer which provides triple layer protection, indicated by https://
  5. FTP: File transfer protocol to transfer files between you and your server.
  6. SSH: It’s a secure shell for file transfer, which is not a popular method.
  7. .htaccess: It’s like a security file which manages access to admin and users.
  8. CMS: Content Management System, for example: blogging platforms like WordPress
  9. MySQL: It’s an open source Relation Database Management system.
  10. WordPress: The most popular blogging platform, which every reader of this post will surely know!

So if you are thinking to start a blog in near future, you must acquaint yourself with these very basic hosting terms & definitions before choosing a web host for your site.

Do you think I have missed any other important web hosting term here? Please feel free to add your valuable inputs in the comments below.

20 Web Hosting Terms you Must Know About (Hosting Glossary)
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    • Hi Amar,

      When I started, I found it really challenging to understand the different terms related to hosting. However, as a beginner it is indeed very important to know those terms. Hope this article will be handy to the newbies. Thank you so much for reading through and sharing your comment 🙂

  • I appreciate you writing this post on hosting definitions. Also the rest of the site is really good.

  • For a newbie, web hosting is a term which needs an explaination. This is a complete short guide for anyone to know about what actually it means. It would definitely help anyone choosing a good web host for themselves.


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