Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform?

If you are thinking which blogging platform to choose for your first blog, then the obvious answer is WordPress. But why WordPress is best for blogging?

As a beginner in blogging, you may come to know about WordPress  blogging platform recently. In that case few of the common questions may be hitting your mind like:

  • Blogger tumblr or WordPress – which blogging platform to use?
  • Why everyone is talking about WordPress self hosting?
  • How to start a free blog with WordPress?
  • Is WordPress the best blogging platform?

Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform

To get answer all your query, I think you should spend next 3-4 minute to read this article.

Why WordPress is best for blogging?

When we talk about how to start a blog for making money, we have to keep in mind that we are actually preparing to start a business. So, when someone is planning to launch a business, one has to be ready with best tools around to get the maximum benefit.

When we talk about blogging, there are many CMS (content management systems) available worldwide. But how many of them are easy to use for a beginner who even don’t know what is CMS?

1. WordPress is such a platform, where one can create a blog on wordpress simply following few easy steps and without any technical knowledge.

2. There are many forums, websites and blogs who are spreading free tutorials, helpful how to guides related to WordPress; that one can easily find out a solution of any common issues.

3. WordPress will give you 100% control to optimize the entire blog to make it seo friendly as well as technically and visually look better.

4. Whenever you think, you need something to make your blog look better or to handle a function, there is always a plug-in available. No need to enter into coding part and change anything.

I hope, this is enough to reach a conclusion why WordPress is the best blogging platform.

WordPress Free vs paid Hosting: WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

So, which one to choose free blog or paid hosting in WordPress? This is again a debate, but is not much difficult to decide actually.

I will highlight only few points, after which you will understand why to choose WordPress.org self-hosted platform over WordPress.com.

While starting a blog on free platform you need to do some research about blogging niche and WordPress. You can continue to do that, it you are not sure. Later on you can move to self-hosted platform by paying some money to a developer. If everything is decided then why not spend the money now and get a self-hosted blog?

If you opt for the free version, your blog URL will not look good actually. It will be something like mydomain.WordPress.com. If you are serious about your blogging niche, it is better to book the domain and start a website with mydomain.com. Sometimes, a small delay can cost you losing of your favorite domain. E.g. magnet4blogging.net

While the free WordPress platform may also provide you a very good platform, but it will not provide you the best control of your blog. Means, your blog will actually not be yours. Someone can delete your hard work if he/she wants to. As you progress on blogging gradually, you will find many reasons to have the control of your blog. In that case why not start from the beginning with WordPress self hosted blog i.e. WordPress.org?

I hope this enough to convince you that, starting a blog with WordPress self hosted platform is the right step towards your blogging career. If it trigger in future, then not taking the right decision may cost you many things. In this context, I remember the example about choosing the right domain. It is about Amit Bhawani, I read in one his article.

When, Amit started blogging on technology area, he was not sure how the future will be and he started a blog called Amitbhawani.com. Later it has become one of India’s best technology blog and he is making huge money from that blog. But, the name of the domain might fade his effort by reducing the brand value. If he could have something like tech2.com or tecpp.com, he would have been more satisfied. In-fact he has shared about this in one of his old article about his blogging experience.

Thus, one should read such experiences shared by many pro-bloggers and take proper actions on time. Whether it may be a success or failure, but we should not bother about that at the very beginning. Any honest attempt will be rewarded in future, if proper and continuous effort has been put.

I hope now you are clear about why WordPress is the best blogging platform. So ready for the next article on beginners guide to web hosting? Hope we are progressing well, if you are able to connect with me 🙂

Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform?
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