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16 WordPress Plugins for Genesis by StudioPress

If you’re reading this article, then let me guess that you are running the StudioPress Genesis Framework on your WordPress blog, or planning to do so. If that is the case, then you must know about these 16 awesome WordPress Plugins for Genesis developed & maintained by StudioPress.

Genesis is a premium feature packed WordPress framework already optimized for SEO. On top of that, by installing few of these Genesis-specific plugins, you can easily enhance the capabilities & functionalities of your Genesis powered site.

Let’s check out the list of the Free WordPress Plugins that will make customizing your Genesis Framework stress-free.

WordPress Plugins for Genesis by StudioPress

WordPress Pluggins for Genesis by StudioPress

1. AgentPress Listings

This plugin creates a listings management system for AgentPress Pro theme using custom post types, custom taxonomies & widgets. You can create your own categorized listings for the users to search for listings.

2. Genesis Author Pro

Want to add a book library to any Genesis child theme? This plugin uses custom post types and widget to attractively display book details in both single and archived view.

3. Genesis Beta Tester

The Genesis Beta Tester is for those who want to test the early Genesis releases. This Genesis Framework Plugin helps to update to the latest version of Genesis even from beta.

4. Genesis Responsive Slider

This plugin lets you to display a slideshow of featured posts. You can choose the maximum dimension, specify a category or specify the post IDs to display in the slideshow with this fully responsive Genesis Framework Plugins.

5. Genesis Simple Edits

This is a simple plugin for editing post info (byline), post-meta and the footer area in the Genesis theme. Don’t wory if you are not a developer. You can easily edit these three commonly modified areas using text, short-codes and HTML in the textboxes provided in the admin screen.

6. Genesis Simple Hooks

Customize your Genesis powered theme easily with this plugin. This WordPress Plugins for Genesis creates a new settings page under your dashboard’s Genesis menu & attach HTML, PHP code or short-codes to 50+ Genesis hooks.

7. Genesis Simple Menus

Assign WordPress navigation menus to the secondary navigation menu with the Simple Menus plugin. You can do it on per post, per page, or per tag/category archive basis within the Genesis Framework.

8. Genesis Simple Share

You can easily add beautiful share buttons to your site using this plugin on a Genesis child theme. The plugin enables the sharing icons for each post by default. Also, you can customize the plugin settings as per your needs.

9. Genesis Simple Sidebars

Create multiple custom widget areas and place the areas into the sidebars within the Genesis Framework with this brilliant plugin. Though this plugin supports the two Primary and Secondary sidebars, but you can also allot the sidebars to a specific post, page, tag / category archives basis.

10. Genesis Slider

With the Genesis Slider plugin, you can decide upon the auto-progress and dimensions of your slideshow. You can place the slider into a widget area if you wish so. You can also select the posts or pages you want to display & which category it should select from.

11. Genesis Tabs

You can create a tabbed section with a featured image, title, and excerpt from each post with Genesis Tabs. With this WordPress Plugins for Genesis, display your featured image along with the title and excerpt from each post from your selected categories.

12. SEO Data Transporter

Switching themes can be very difficult. This is one of the most useful plugins which allows you to transfer the SEO data to from other platforms to Genesis. Bring your SEO data e.g. title tags, meta descriptions to your Genesis-based site. Build a better WordPress website with this very useful Genesis Framework plugin.

13. Simple Social Icons

This is another social plugin which adds your social profile icons to your site. Customize the icons in your own way, choose which profiles to link to & display them as a widget.

14. Simple URLs

Worried about your outbound links? No more! The Simple URLs plugin is a URL management system which allows you create, manage as well as track the outbound links from your site by using custom post types and 301 redirects.

15. Social Circles

Place links to your social media accounts with the Social Circles plugin. Choose from the different fonts types & style each link as a circle using text to indicate the site being linked to.

16. Social Profiles Widget

Build your Genesis Powered website social media optimized while making it more stylish. You can now insert icon links to your social profiles with the Social Profiles Widget. Just drag this widget into your sidebar & place icon links to your various social profiles.

Genesis Framework provides you the option to work with the best WordPress themes & with these awesome free plugins you can enhance your site with some great features. So go ahead & choose your favourite WordPress Plugins for Genesis by StudioPress to customize your WordPress site freely.

16 WordPress Plugins for Genesis by StudioPress
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Comments (11)

  • Great post Manidipa,
    I’m a very big fan of the Genesis themes, all their themes are really very exceptional. I already know some of the plugins you mentioned here while the other ones are totally new to me however, i will have to check them out one after the other to see the ones that might be somehow useful to me.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Hi Theodore,

      You are most welcome & thanks that you liked the article.

      Genesis themes are worth for all the fondness. Hope your experience would be really great with some of these plugins & will wait for your insights on them 🙂

  • Hi Manidipa

    I am visiting your blog for the first time from ABC and your blog does have rich content.

    I never knew that Genesis had so much plugins. I am aware about their themes but these plugins are new to me. Thanks for sharing

  • Hey Manidipa,

    This post comes in handy for me as in the next six months I will have to use some sort of premium theme. What stood out for me is that it is easy to transfer posts from my old theme to this one. That will remain in my memory until I decide which team it is.

    I also like that it comes with SEO built in, now that is a bargain in my books.

    Thanks for this information.


    • Hey Rachel,

      Changing themes can be really worrisome. What if something breaks? Or in case you lose any of your content? So go with some theme which takes portability seriously.

      It might not always give you the accurate picture, but test the preview before you upload it to your site. You may go back your previous theme, in case something goes wrong, but it is definitely better to take a back up.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Take care 🙂

  • Hello Manidipa,
    Visited your blog very first time.. while searching about genesis from google.. You have mentioned. I am also using the eleven40 theme on my blog.. but I just wondered that genesis has these plugins.. Am going to try some of them..

    • Hi Belal,

      Nice to hear that you got your query answered through this article. Hope few of these Genesis plugins will come handy for your theme related needs.

      Thank yo so much for reading & sharing your views. Take care 🙂

  • Great post !! I have used some of these plugins , this is a very good list. Thanks for creating such a nice article.


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